Your In-storage Vehicle Needs Auto Insurance Too

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Putting a vehicle in storage for a long period of time does not mean that the car owner should ignore having auto insurance for it. Lapses in coverage can damage someone's reputation with other agencies. Besides, there is also a problem of logistics. If the car owner wants to drive the vehicle, he/she would need to reinsure it, which can be a lengthy and costly process.

The newly released blog post provides some practical advice on this issue:

"If the storage term matches or nearly matches the current term of your car insurance coverage, you may not need to worry about any supplemental insurance for it. If the time you need to store your car exceeds the term of your current coverage, get a short-term extension of your current policy or consider a completely separate short-term car insurance policy with coverage options and limits in place more suitable for your stored car."

How to find suitable auto insurance?

Drivers can get auto insurance for their vehicles by comparing online car insurance quotes. Comparing prices allows someone to find the right coverage options for them and to review multiple policies in an area. The process is simple, fast and efficient. Clients can get a list of quotes at

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