XBand Sports' Speed Pro Agility and Acceleration Trainer Provides Real-Time Performance Metrics For Athletes

The Speed Pro aims to change the way speed training is administered and measured

SAN DIEGO, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The Speed Pro Agility and Acceleration Trainer, the latest development from XBand Sports, is a wearable personal training aide intended to give athletes real-time feedback while they train. After a decade of experience in designing successful products for Hewlett-Packard, XBand Sports co-founders Jose Doval and Steve Kim have shifted their focus to improving the quality of personal athletic training. The Speed Pro Agility and Acceleration Trainer is the first in a line of speed-related training products XBand Sports hopes to produce. Speed Pro uses advanced microwave distance measurement technology to provide users with accurate performance metrics instantly.

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When measuring with a traditional stopwatch, there can be as much as a .23 second delay attributed to basic human reaction time, and when it comes to sports there is no room for error. A tenth of a second can be the difference between a successful play or an unsuccessful one, or the difference between a win and a loss. At the professional level a tenth of a second can also be the difference between a multimillion dollar contract extension or free agency. Speed Pro's technology ensures its accuracy up to one-hundredth of a second, eliminating the worry surrounding human error and providing athletes with impartial, accurate measurements on a multitude of performance metrics.

"The devices in the Speed Pro package are what enable a whole new level of training and coaching, but they are just the beginning of what really makes XBand Sports' approach to building sports excellence unique," said Steve Kim, President of XBand Sports. "Beyond the observations that you make, our cloud based analytic algorithms will have other suggestions for you. These might involve weight training for specific muscle groups, new techniques to try, or even suggestions for cross-training in another sport."

Speed Pro measures data points too infinitesimal for a person to manually observe and measure. Performance metrics such as the time it takes to react to a starting signal, the time it takes a person to reach top speed, how long top speed was maintained and whether that speed was maintained through the finish line are all measured by the Speed Pro. This data is then instantly uploaded to the XBand Sports app, where athletes can compare their data with others.

Speed Pro is comprised of three components: the Body Module, the Marker Module and the Smartphone Adapter. The Body Module is worn on the body, either around the arm or waist, and is attached with an adjustable strap. The Marker Module, containing microwave sensors and an RF module, is placed at the finish line of the run in order to precisely capture finish or split times. The Smartphone Adapter plugs into the audio jack of any smartphone or tablet, collects and compiles the data recorded from a run and transmits it to the XBand Sports app. Athletes can then use the app to compare their metrics with other users, such as teammates, competition and professional athletes, in order to determine what steps need to be taken in order to improve.

Speed Pro has been called a "Coach in a Box" because of its ability to provide athletes with the same level of training they would get from a personal coach without the expensive one-on-one price.

The Speed Pro is available for pre-order until May 7. For those interested in backing the Speed Pro or those who would like more information about how it can successfully improve speed and agility, visit http://bit.ly/XBandKS. The first 100 backers to pre-order the Speed Pro will receive the system at an early-bird price of $100. Special coaching and school packages including additional pieces are also available for pre-order. Be sure to like XBand on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @XBandSports.


XBand was founded in 2009 and is based in San Diego with a core engineering team experienced in consumer electronics, wireless systems, and software development. We exist to help individuals have more fun and excel in the sports of their choice. Our goal is to bring our problem solving know how to tackle a wide ranging set of challenges for athletes whether they are aspiring high school athletes, an accomplished collegiate athlete competing in either individual or team sports or adults who just enjoy competitive sports. For more information visit www.xbandsports.com.

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