x.ai launches its Business edition--an AI scheduling assistant for your entire team

Four months after releasing its Professional edition, x.ai rolls out a product for the enterprise

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- x.ai, inc., an artificial intelligence company, today announced the release of its first product targeted at the enterprise, the Business edition of its AI personal assistant.

x.ai provides an AI assistant (Amy or Andrew Ingram) who schedules meetings for you, just like a human assistant would. Customers simply cc Amy (amy@x.ai), and she takes over the job of scheduling your meetings, negotiating time and location with your guests. Many customers report that Amy is so good at emulating human conversation that some of their guests mistake her for a human.

The Business edition is designed to make it easy for companies to provide an assistant to schedule meetings for every single one of their team members. And because she's AI, Amy works tirelessly, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Business owners and team leads can sign up and manage an entire company or team at once. The admin dashboard provides visibility into the productivity gains provided by your AI assistants, such as aggregate meeting data, usage trends, and actual hours saved each week.

The Business edition also lets companies operate x.ai's agents on their own domain. And team members can now fully customize and brand their AI assistant's signature. These features mean that Amy and Andrew appear as full-fledged employees of your business.

"We've been overwhelmed by the interest in getting Amy on board for entire teams," said Dennis R. Mortensen, CEO/Founder of x.ai. "No one wants to schedule their own meetings, and yet we ask our employees to do this all the time. Having an AI scheduling assistant frees your team up to do the work they're actually paid to do."

Following the lead of companies like Slack, x.ai is using "fair billing." The cost per seat is $59 per month per active user; x.ai will bill only for team members that use Amy in that month to schedule one or more meetings.

"Before using Amy, my team and I would spend countless hours scheduling our own meetings each week. What we really want to be doing is meeting with amazing entrepreneurs and supporting our portfolio companies, which is why I now have the full team on the Business edition," says Jonathan Lehr, Co-Founder & General Partner of Work-Bench. "Using Amy has freed up a tremendous amount of time that we can now spend doing what we love. That ROI is so amazing, it's like being handed money."

The Business edition also includes multiple invisible but important changes to the AI itself. Amy is much more clever about travel time, for example. She understands whether you're in the same location as your teammates and, if so, she won't allot any travel time for internal meetings.

Typically, Amy protects customers' calendars—she won't schedule any meeting that a customer hasn't agreed to; however, for Business edition customers, Amy can get to work on any internal meeting right away, without getting both participants to confirm first. And because both participants use Amy, the meeting gets scheduled nearly instantly (we call that "scheduling nirvana").

For more information about the Business edition, please contact Ally Schneider (allison@human.x.ai).

About x.ai, inc.
x.ai makes an Artificial Intelligence personal assistant who schedules meetings for you. The company was founded in 2014 by former Visual Revenue CEO Dennis R. Mortensen and founders Alex Poon, Matt Casey, and Marcos Jimenez. The wider founding team members are industry veterans from the analytics, predictive modeling and machine learning world. x.ai is based in New York City.

For more details about x.ai, inc., visit our corporate website at x.ai or simply see how Amy schedules your meetings. For press inquiries, please email stefanie@human.x.ai.

Media Contact: Stefanie Syman, x.ai, 9174536470, stefanie@human.x.ai

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