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BROOKLYN, N.Y., May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/, a company that connects writers with entertainment executives launches its Rapid Internship Program on May 7th. The Rapid Internship Program will provide industry hopefuls with a once in a lifetime chance to land a dream job working with entertainment's prime production companies.  The ten week program will consist of business savvy individual's ranging from college students to seasoned professionals and beyond looking to get a break within the industry.  Each week interns will be dismissed until there are only five interns remaining each of whom will be offered full-time paid positions within the company.   Unlike most conventional internships lasting anywhere from one to a few semesters of one's college career, the Rapid Internship Program accelerates the internship process and eliminates the uncertainty of permanent job placement within a company after interning. At the end of the program LLC has five guaranteed positions available after the ten week process. Through the Rapid Internship Program, World Pitch and other employers who attempt this can successfully analyze an intern's performance and provide rapid training through hands on challenges and tasks that would normally be required of them for an extended period of time.  Businesses will be able to develop and/or expand faster because of the programs design.  Additionally, this program secures the future of film entertainment by ensuring work for writers and projects for industry executives.


Uniquely, the Rapid Internship Program is not only differentiated because of its accelerated timeframe and competitiveness, all applicants will be able to receive paid work at's Premiere Expo this August 2013. For immediate consideration applicants should e-mail:

Don't look for your next job? Build your next job!! was created by Leon Antoine almost a decade ago after he ended his search for the perfect internship. While shopping around with his agent his creative work was used without his permission. Leon Antoine vowed to never let it happen again. Now in an interesting combination interns are given the opportunity to build and create their jobs working for World Pitch while writers are able to shop their work safely to industry executives.

Writers and filmmakers abroad are signing up now for the Grand Reopening of the Expo, August 16th through the 18th, 2013 in New York City. In the last expo executives from more than 45 studios/companies were scheduled including: Miramax, Dimension Films, BBC, The Howard Stern Production Company, IDT Entertainment, Motion City Films, Emerging Talent, & Brink Films, to name a few. In 2013 is flying in 50 or more executives from Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, London and even Switzerland. 

Leon Antoine, Founder and President of said that "major companies such as Miramax and Revere Pictures have shown great enthusiasm for in the past because it allows them to sample thousands of potential new film and television projects in a matter of 3 days, whereas before they literally had to spend weeks and months pouring over new scripts and treatments. Now with the same amount of effort in such a short amount of time executives are able to decipher whether or not to further develop a potential project." According to Mr. Antoine, companies right now are particularly on the lookout for hard hitting action films and clever comedies including searching for the next big animation blockbuster such as "Rio." Television executives are searching for more reality shows, action, drama and sitcoms to replace successful shows like the infamous "Friends" and "Frasier." Jordan Scarborough Co-Owner says, " is a successful company ahead of its time and will soon quickly become the industry's standard for connecting talent to executives."

Additionally, pitch coaching and writing classes will be available at the event and a week before the event. 

Join LLC this Summer at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn just days before the VMA's arrive to town in Downtown Brooklyn. This is a Brooklyn affair that is also honoring Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz in a special video tribute, "Brooklyn Then and Now."

The cost is $50-$80 per pitch session (depending on the studio/production company) and $40 per pitch coaching. Class tickets are at a discounted rate of $20 per ticket. Tickets are available at

As a Bonus Exclusively LLC is offering free online pitch tickets upon checkout to their upcoming online events.  Enter Coupon Code WRITERS4NYC

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Leon Antoine or Jordan Scarborough, LLC, 888-400-3018 ext. 2,,

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