World Renowned Rapper DeLon Falsely Accused of Crimes in YouTube Video

Sri Lankan Rapper DeLon Jayasinghe calls on fans to help get defamatory video removed from YouTube

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Hip Hop recording artist DeLon Jayasinghe made news as the first Sri Lankan artist to land on the American Billboard charts. And now, DeLon is about to make headlines yet again when his new album 'Earth to DeLon' drops on New Years. However, along with fame and notoriety, DeLon's success has also brought unwanted attention in the form of a defamatory video that was posted to YouTube by those opposed to DeLon's outspoken stance against Sri Lankan terrorist group LTTE. The video falsely accuses DeLon of terrible crimes and DeLon is now on a mission to have it removed from YouTube.


The video in question claims to be from Global TV News, a news organization that does not seem to exist beyond its YouTube channel that contains only one video. The supposed organization does not have a website and does not appear in any Google searches as a legitimate news organization. and are legitimate news organizations, however their logo does not match the logo used in the defamatory video. DeLon believes that these two organizations are not aware of this video purporting to be them. The defamatory video accuses DeLon of being arrested for criminal charges in Thailand. However, DeLon states that he has never been to Thailand. DeLon is steadfast in his denial of all of the claims made in the video and says that he is actually an advocate for children and young adults; As proof DeLon points to his recently wrapped Unity Through Education Tour of 50 high schools in Los Angeles where he motivated students with messages of peace, unity and education.

DeLon's work and the messages that he conveys are so greatly appreciated by the government of Sri Lanka that they released a statement in his defense. In an official statement, Sri Lankan Consul General, Dr. Hector Weerasinghe stated, "Any allegations of crimes or wrong doings are falsehoods, rumors, and tactics being used to vilify his character." Weerasinghe called DeLon a "Patriot of Sri Lanka" who has used the power of music and the Internet to "expose the horror of the terrorist attacks inflicted on our people to the global community."

According to DeLon, YouTube has turned down numerous requests and to remove the video. DeLon says that YouTube will not remove the video because it is protected under freedom of speech.

While DeLon respects YouTube's policies and legal guidelines, he hopes that they will soon change their mind, remove the video and allow him to post a video on the site's front page telling the real story.

To get YouTube's attention and help clear his name, DeLon is calling on all of his fans and all good people in general, to flag and report the video to help get it removed.

In the world of Hip Hop, DeLon is a different breed of artist, one who focuses on standing up for the people, giving back to the community, and educating the people. The fact that supporters of a Sri Lankan terrorist group that DeLon has spoken out against would go to the lengths they did and produce a video to discrediting him is proof of just how powerful DeLon's message of Peace, Unity, and Education really is.

When 'Earth to DeLon' is released it will be DeLon's third album in a career that has spanned more than seven years. Aside from being the first Sri Lankan artist to crack the American Billboard charts (yes, before M.I.A.) DeLon has also opened for Lil' John and J Cole, collaborated with 2012 ASCAP writer of the year Jacob Luttrell, and scored multiple international number one hits.

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