Wood Chess Pieces Manufacturer, The House of Staunton, Shares Tips on How to Control The Board

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Sept. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Chess set and wood chess pieces manufacturer, The House of Staunton, shares a few strategies to help players control the board.

After the first player makes their move, there are 400 possible board setups that exist. Over 121 million options exist after the third move. With an average of about 30 choices per move, it's important for chess players to possess strategies that help them control the board in time limited situations. These four tips can improve board control:

1.    Control the center. Opening in chess with the intention to control the center of the board, squares e4, d4, e5 and d5, is extremely important. Control over the center of the board allows players to attack more effectively. It also gives their pieces easy access to the rest of the chessboard and increases chess piece mobility. To control the center, try moving pawns to e4 and d4 and support them with strategically positioned knights on f3 and c3.

2.    Protect the King. While fighting for control of the center, it is important to keep your King safe. Leaving your King vulnerable leads to playing reactively and gives players less control over the board. To protect the King, castle early. Leave the three pawns in front of the King in place to reduce King vulnerability while castling.

3.    Develop quickly. The influence of chess pieces at the onset of the game is minimal. Powerful pieces must be brought into the battlefield. Advantages are gained when pieces are brought into the battlefield quickly. Quick development opens more opportunities to attack. Try developing Knights and Bishops first, and avoid overusing the Queen early in the game.

4.    Establish healthy freedom. The last thing players want to do is move pieces to positions that block options. It's best to let pieces move freely so that the game can develop properly. Moves pieces to positions where they will have a healthy ability to move around the board.

About The House of Staunton: The House of Staunton is an American locally owned and operated small business. For over 27 years, they have manufactured the world's finest chess equipment. They sell a wide variety of chess sets, chess boards and chess boxes, and are the equipment provider for top chess tournaments worldwide. Their chess sets are featured in numerous movies and television shows as well as on book covers and in print ads.

Media Contact: Shawn P. Sullivan, The House of Staunton, Inc., 256.858.8070, shawn@houseofstaunton.com

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