What You Call Stress, Problems and Challenges, Life Calls Strength Training. So Don't Get Down Get Strong By Listening To The Success Sculpting Show with Stephen Pierce

New podcast helps you to be inspired in life instead of intimidated in life. Learn how to grow your mental toughness, expand your will to win and multiply your results.

WHITNEY, Texas, Sept. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Stephen Pierce is back and he is ready to help answer the big questions about life with his new iTunes podcast called "The Success Sculpting Show with Stephen Pierce."

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Stephen Pierce created this show as a means to show the world how to sculpt their way of perceiving themselves and others for a more meaningful and memorable life of success.  This show is not meant to dodge the tough subjects, but confront them head on.  Stephen Pierce has commented that "the only thing worse than wasting your time, is waking up and realizing you wasted your life. So it's time to correct the distorted view you have of yourself and your future, rise above the noise and chaos and instead of being molded by our environment and circumstances, take charge of sculpting ourselves."

He feels that it is his obligation to share the experiences that have shaped him into the man he is today and give his listeners the advice they need to build their will to win and fight through their own present circumstances and help them to be mentally and emotionally fit to deal with the stumbling blocks that will arise in their life journey.  His talks are drawn from the roller coaster ride that has been his own life, from being expelled from school, forced into bankruptcy and becoming homeless for a time many years ago.  He was then able to fight his way back up, building a brand name with Stephen Pierce International over a twelve-year period that was bringing in millions of dollars.  He was then viciously attacked and falsely accused in a reputation slander campaign engineered by his ex-wife who with her sister and mother embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Stephen's two companies. This campaign was an effort to destroy Stephen's credibility, reputation and business so his ex-wife and her sister could start their identical business without the threat of her fraud being made known to the public.

Stephen Pierce did not give up and even in his darkest hour, when the reputation he spent 12 years building was being torn down, he lived by what he taught and was able to rise from the ashes.  Even now, he is still fighting to re-establish his name, but that has not stopped him from wanting to give back to the people that need guidance.  By following his own five steps to success written below, he continues to press forward and part of that forward movement is this brand new show:

  1. Commitment to see a project through to the end:  One of the easiest things to do in the world is to start something.  All that it takes is a little curiosity.  However, one of the most difficult things to do is to continue it and see it through to completion. Finishing what you start is a virtue.  The best way to help strengthen your resolve is to focus on your commitment, not on your feelings.
  2. Courage to overcome life's hurdles:  One of the best ways to find an opportunity is to look for an obstacle. However, that may be counter-intuitive to many. The problem is that people take too much time trying to figure out how avoid losing without realizing the best way to avoid losing is to understand how to play to win. Life is one big obstacle course, so a major key to winning is in understanding how to navigate those obstacles successfully.
  3. Confidence:  This is not the kind of confidence that people associate with being better than everyone else.  We are all made of the same stuff, we just don't use that stuff the same way. The confidence projected here is the confidence that comes from knowing what you're made of, knowing how to use it and using it to be, do, have and contribute more today than you did yesterday.
  4. Certainty about the future:  Stop using the word "hope."  That is a word that is full of uncertainty.  Always focusing and using the word "will" can change a person's perspective and give them the confidence to know that what they start out to do will get finished and it will be done right. Of course there will be some pitfalls and potholes along the way that will test your "hope" by pressure and test your "will" by fire, but when you are committed to seeing it through there is no test that will deter you. No matter how battered and bruised you may be you will see that it gets completed.
  5. Consistency in conduct:   The entire world is a bundle of cause and effect.  The more consistent a person's actions are, the more consist their effects will be.  It is a very simple formula; constantly doing the right thing will eventually bring about the right results and this is true for the opposite as well. So the key here is to make sure we do what consistently serves the greater cause, not what sabotages it.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the wisdom that Stephen Pierce wishes to share on his new podcast show.  The first episode, entitled "How To Stay Focused" has already aired on iTunes and it has already boosted him into the top ten self-help podcasts. You can listen to a new show every Friday.

For all those who are interested, please visit his site at www.SuccessSculptingShow.com.

About Stephen Pierce:

Stephen Pierce has made millions from doing online marketing since January 1, 2000 and has been seen on NBC News, FOX News, ABC, CBS, and Daystar. As an in-demand public speaker Stephen has travelled internationally to over 2 dozen countries and spoken to crowds exceeding 30,000 people in world famous arenas, sharing the stage with Colin Powell, Drew Brees, Bill Cosby, Michael Phelps, John Walsh, Steve Forbes, Rick Belluzzo, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz, Terry Bradshaw, Zig Ziglar, and many others. If you would like more information please contact him at:

Media Contact: Victoria Kimuyu Success Sculpting, Inc., 866-416-2029, feedback@successsculpting.com

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