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Failing you means we are failing ourselves, and that is not an option.

EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, N.J., Nov. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- I would like to personally welcome you to VO Financial Corporation.  Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you in my own words. If you are here researching our company, chances are very likely that you are here with hope, curiosity, and skepticism of who we are and what we are capable of doing to help.

For those of you who are here because of hope, you are likely looking for a way out of a bad situation. Let me clear: if VO Financial makes the decision to work with you to resolve your situation it is because we know that we will be able to help you.  We will never conduct business with any consumer if there is even a 1% chance of us being unsuccessful.  Our services are guaranteed.  If you have any question whether we are able to do what we promise, we are happy to schedule a three-way call between you, your attorney, and our experienced staff.  After this call, the attorney will say "Yes, what they are saying is true" and "Yes, they can accomplish what they claim." To this day we have yet to hear otherwise.

If you are here because you are curious, you are likely surprised because VO Financial is so different from everything you have ever heard about or experienced in the timeshare industry.  VO Financial is embarking on a path never explored by any other business.  You already know the "pitch" from timeshare rental, resale, and transfer companies that have flooded the market despite their low rate of success and high rate of deception.  You know the saying:  "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."  However, VO Financial is different.  What we offer to consumers is a path of enlightenment to financial freedom and the ability to recapture financial security.  I am aghast that the timeshare industry has harmed its clients so severely that the thought of financial freedom and security seems too good to be true.  Here is the truth:  anything that can be done on paper can be undone on paper.  VO Financial knows how.

If you are visiting our site because you are skeptical, I apologize because my staff has not been able to alleviate your concerns.  However, we believe that transparency will allow us to build the level of trust with you that is required to help you proceed through the process of eliminating your timeshare debt and providing you with a debt-free replacement vacation ownership.  As a consumer in this industry, you have been taken advantage of by your developer, by rental, re-sale, and transfer companies, and then probably by your developer a few more times.  It is no wonder to us why you look at VO Financial with skepticism on your mind.  You are telling yourself not to get taken advantage of again.  While VO Financial employs a sales staff, including research analysts and consultants, our mission is to provide a sales experience unlike any you have ever experienced in the timeshare industry.  VO Financial is like a doctor with a skeptical patient who questions the need for a life-saving procedure.  Like the doctor, it is VO Financials responsibility to use our passion, integrity, and expertise to sell you the services that are necessary to provide you with the financial freedom that you have desperately sought since you incurred your timeshare debt as a result of your developer's fraud and/or misrepresentations.

While VO Financial Corporation is a business, our mission is not profit above all else.  I founded this company because I discovered an untapped market to make money while helping people.  In today's bottom line oriented corporate America, helping consumers is often forgotten.  VO Financial provides innovative services to its clients that cannot be matched, but our mission cannot be achieved without superior customer service.  We are here to answer your questions and concerns.  Do not hesitate to contact us.  Satisfying our clients by fulfilling their needs is all that matters and doing that with perfection will always make our company profitable.

When expressing my thoughts I am a firm believer that there is always someone who has said it better:

"None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith."
Paulo Coelho

I ask you to have trust and faith in VO Financial Corporation because failing you means we are failing ourselves, and that is not an option.

Adam Lacerda – President & CEO of VO Financial Corporation

Media Contact: VO Financial VO FINANCIAL CORPORATION, 800--38-1-94 x69, customercare@vofinancial.com

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