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CAPE COD, Mass., Feb. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Client: Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin from Virginia 2012 - Debt Reduction Deed Replacement

"Hello, My wife and I after realizing that we made a terrible mistake "investment" which has been a downfall to us. We are so grateful to know that there is an organization that exists with a few honest people in it.

We are on a fixed income, I am 100% disabled and we are trying to make ends meet. My wife had to go back to work to support the additional debt that has been accumulated. We were able to see just how we had been talked into something that we originally did not wish to do.

We went on a sales pitch, stating the fact that we were going to receive updates on our property but lo and behold, it was a sales pitch to "upgrade our property". I have to give the developer credit; they are very good in their line of work. By the time their sales representatives get finished with you, you have no idea what the truth is. We only went to the "sales" meeting, which is not called that anymore, "so we could be informed of any updates to our timeshare". Once there, we were informed of a "problem" with our current status, and then shown two or three different ways on how to "fix" it. Examples of the tactics that they used is that we can rent all of the unused points and get lots of money back, even enough to pay for the contract itself! Also we can use our VISA card to accumulate points to offset our Maintenance fees. It was never told to us that we had to spend at least $10,000.00 to pay off one month of maintenance fees! Which put us into more debt with the card. We can list a few reasons we felt we had been misinformed, misled, and downright lied to during meetings with their representatives. We were assured that we needed to purchase additional points in order to have the latest benefits with GOLD MEMBERSHIP since it will be changing in the near future. I can still recall the sales persons pitch. "If you expand your ownership and move it to Washington DC (The State Capitol) and rent your property out during special events such as elections or the Inauguration's etc... You could at least get $3,000 to $4,000 dollars a day- you will never pay another maintenance fee because the points would "rent themselves" "....Never quite worked out! As owners we could never seem to get it rented out or rooms not available...Not only had my wife and I been manipulated into this, scammed by the developer, but on no less than two other occasions, we were called by people in the Timeshare industry who were going to help us with our timeshare problem and never did resolve anything.

Months later, we received a phone call from a company named VO Financial Corporation. To me and my wife, we said to each other, here we go again, "another scam". We were wrong. We listened and second thoughts came to us. I said to my wife, "Let's try this." What a blessing it is to know that someone cares!!!! We went into the blind and came out seeing all of what we have saved. WOW! We have saved our budget. We came down from a $124,000 dollars debt into a more reasonable timeshare that we can manage. We can relax, enjoy life and my wife can enjoy here "Cricut" craft work.

We would like to give a special thank you to VO Financial MA, who has bought us into the light out of the darkness of DEBT. They has walked us through this phase step by step, encouraging us that the process will take time to never give up and to look on the brighter side. They really helped us to see the big picture. Everything that was said or mentioned in the agreement went as stated. They broke all terminology down to the simplest form so you could understand it. Massachusetts Office, THANK YOU for saving us from this financial burden. We could not have done it without your expertise and dedication to us, your client. Your dedication and loyalty to your work show great credit upon you and your profession."


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