Vigilant Announces Collective Threat Intelligence V2.0

New Technology Platform Provides Security Analysts with Faster Detection of APTs

NEW YORK, May 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Vigilant, Inc., a provider of risk-focused security monitoring and threat intelligence solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Collective Threat Intelligence (CTI) V2.0, the first version of CTI now delivered through Vigilant's Open Analytics Platform. The new version will help customers keep better pace with the continuous changes in today's advanced cyber-threat environment and will enable rapid integration of CTI feeds into virtually any kind of receiving device, such as intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and web proxy devices.

Collective Threat Intelligence provides customers with a single, aggregated source for a wide range of threat data which is validated, normalized and scored for "confidence" and "maliciousness." The new version is delivered on underlying data processing technology that has been re-engineered to enable more flexible analytic and distribution capabilities. This technology, the Open Analytics Platform (OAP), allows for the continuous incorporation of new threat data, regardless of its structure, and rapid re-evaluation of previously ingested data, so that threats can be re-validated and re-scored at shorter, custom-defined intervals. This significantly improves the accuracy of the threat intelligence feeds, enabling security analysts to conduct research and response tasks as efficiently and effectively as possible.

"One of the advantages that malicious actors have," said Lance James, Vigilant Chief Scientist, "is that they can alter their tactics, techniques, and procedures faster than most monitoring systems can detect these changes. With CTI v 2.0, we are minimizing their time advantage." Previously, Vigilant's CTI feeds were updated and pushed out to clients at six-hour intervals.

By leveraging the new Open Analytics Platform, Vigilant also makes it easier to develop programming interfaces and data parsers to easily accommodate the integration of Collective Threat Intelligence 2.0 with IDS, firewall, web proxies, and other security devices, and to pull only data that is relevant to the particular device type and its custom-defined functions.

"Our clients are not looking for more threat data," said Chris Stevenson, VP of Engineering at Vigilant. "They're looking for smarter threat data that solves real usability problems. The mission of CTI from the beginning has been to provide meaningful data that maximizes the use of automation and correlation capabilities, reduces the number of false positives, enables people of various skill levels to advance the detection and response process, and helps responders know what to focus on first.  With the new version of our feed services, clients gain greater agility in their cyber-defense capabilities."

OAP is a high performance, service-oriented middleware platform that facilitates the rapid collection of diverse types of data, the application of various data processing or analytic routines, and flexible dissemination and distribution of resulting data.  For current Collective Threat Intelligence clients, the transition to Version 2.0 will be seamless, though minor reconfigurations will be needed to take full advantage of the new capabilities.

Other components of Collective Threat Intelligence services include the CTI Research Portal, and pre-built monitoring logic for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies.

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