New Technology Lowers Costs and Time Requirements of eDiscovery

CLEVELAND, Feb. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The biggest unmet challenge in the electronic data discovery (EDD) industry is the efficient collection of potentially relevant documents from the huge number of electronic documents stored in an organization. In any modern organization, storage of millions of documents and terabytes or even petabytes of data is commonplace.

Traditional methods of collecting potentially relevant documents from this huge pile of data have relied on making complete copies of each targeted hard drive and then processing and filtering all those documents after they are collected. This expensive and labor intensive method takes a long time; delaying an organization's ability to quickly respond to legal and business threats.

To address this unmet challenge, VeDISCOVERY, LLC is today announcing the release of VeAGENT 1.0. VeAGENT is a legal hold collection tool that has unique abilities to solve the challenge of effectively collecting potentially relevant documents while eliminating the need to over-collect to ensure defensibility. In fact, the company believes that VeAGENT can consistently reduce the cost of eDiscovery by as much as 80% while also dramatically reducing the time required between data collection and legal review.                                                                                       

VeDISCOVERY is a solutions-focused technology company based in Cleveland Ohio. VeDISCOVERY was created January 1, 2012 when it separated from corporate parent Visual Evidence/eDiscovery, LLC. VeDISCOVERY develops software and solutions that address the challenges of big data in eDiscovery.

"We are really excited to release VeAGENT to the market." said Ron Copfer, CEO of VeDISCOVERY. "The amount of data contained in corporations is growing exponentially. Being able to find and collect the documents needed in legal matters cost effectively and quickly is essential. VeAGENT reduces collection costs both in upfront billing and the time needed to review data to ascertain pertinent information required to develop a legal strategy."

"VeAGENT solves this problem. First, it operates remotely meaning you can collect from a computer next door or one located halfway around the globe. Once installed, VeAGENT can be used for multiple matters driving costs down even further," continued Copfer. "It is also available as both a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and as a behind-the-firewall appliance. It is easily and quickly installed and does not require a large upfront investment."

"The secret sauce of VeAGENT", according to Nate Latessa, VP of Client Services and a 15 year veteran of the EDD industry "is it identifies and filters documents at the source based on key words, date ranges, custodian and file types and only collects the documents that meet the criteria. This dramatically reduces the number of documents collected, drops the costs of collection and then processes them on-the-fly so they are immediately ready for review."

According to the company, VeAGENT works with their document review product; VeREVIEW or can be integrated with other industry review tool. It is suitable and affordable for any organization that has even a moderate litigation or regulatory burden that requires collection of documents from laptops, desktops, file shares, mail servers or mobile devices.

VeDISCOVERY will be providing demos of the product at their LEGALTECH-NYC, booth number 2509 on February 4th to the 7th or by Webex appointment. More information can be found on their web site or by calling them at (216) 241-3443 or emailing to:



Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, VeDISCOVERY is a Tier-Four provider of software systems and storage platforms that identify, preserve, collect, process, host and review electronically stored information on corporate computer systems for purposes of litigation, regulatory management or document retention. More information can be found on its website at: or by email at:

Media Contact: Ron Copfer, VeDISCOVERY LLC, 216-241-3443 x224,

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