USTYLEU MAGAZINE introduces "The Brave Chick" -- The New Face of Cancer

USTYLEU targets Generation Y for cancer awareness, prevention

CHICAGO, Oct. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- USTYLEU Magazine, the Chicago-based fashion editorial publication targeting millennials, re-launched this month, bolder and better than ever. USTYLEU's current issue introduces "The Brave Chick," The New Face of Cancer.  According to USTYLEU'S 19-year-old editor, Chloe Graham, "It is time for this magazine to mature and claim its well-deserved position amongst relevant and responsible journalism.  We have important messages to deliver to young adults, who need to read, absorb and understand what we are saying.  We can no longer candy-coat messages with cute little photo shoots like we did when I initially launched this magazine at age 16.  If you want my generation to listen, you have to get in their face."


With that renewed mission, USTYLEU's latest issue is dedicated to proactive health and awareness.  The cover features a millennial cancer survivor illustrating the scars from a Lumpectomy and third degree burns she experienced as a result of 39 straight days of radiation during treatment for cancer.  "I feel if we show the occasional ugly truth, we can do better than our previous generations in fighting these deadly diseases.  All of those pink ribbons and testimonials are beautiful, but they are not going to even penetrate the surface with my demographic," says Graham.  I'm showing the not-so-pretty truth behind these stories. Personally, my world was rocked when I interviewed a 21-year-old ovarian cancer survivor.  She had to undergo a full hysterectomy with a series of radiation treatments. Seeing the results of such radiation treatments changed my life.  I'm part of this "Instagram" "Vine" generation, and I know pictures and illustrations move us as well as a personal connection to emotions.  Our new direction is to encourage that 16 through 32 age group to be proactive and responsible on issues impacting their now as well as their future."

At 19, Graham is a seasoned journalist who began her career at age 12, working as a youth reporter for the Common Ground Foundation, the nonprofit founded by Chicago-based rapper/actor Common. Working with the foundation until age 14, Graham continued to nurture a budding career through teen journalism programs such as that operated by Her portfolio includes interviews with such notables as poet Nikki Giovanni, entertainers and Musiq, along with many other well-known entertainers and sport figures.

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