U.S. Emerald Energy Expands Resources for Investors

Reputable Oil and Gas Company Looks Out for Investors' Best Interests

HOUSTON, Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- There are many different ways for investors to profit from an investment in the oil and gas industry. While investing in oil and gas stocks and funds are one option to consider, many investors are taking a closer look at the benefits associated with direct participation with investments made directly to help fund oil and gas drilling projects. U.S. Emerald Energy is among the most established and reputable oil and gas companies in the country, and they are actively seeking joint venture partners to work with. While other oil and gas firms may use investors' funds to pursue speculative wildcat wells, this company makes an effort to decrease investors' risk by pursuing developmental wells that include the latest technologies and have been thoroughly researched.

One of the key factors that any investor should look for when making a decision to invest directly with one specific oil and gas company, is the ability to obtain honest, up-front information. Some oil and gas companies seemingly attempt to sugarcoat the possibility of loss of funds while magnifying the opportunity for profits. U.S. Emerald Energy takes every step possible to minimize risk through its operations and vetting of wells and drilling sites, but it does not conceal data from investors. In fact, many investors have been working with U.S. Emerald Energy for years because they have appreciated how forthright the company has been by providing information upon request and through regular communications with investors.

In addition, the right oil and gas company to invest directly with will provide reasonable financial incentives. There is a risk associated with an oil and gas investment, but there should also be considerable upside through a great financial structure. In addition to the 100% tax deduction associated with an oil and gas investment, there are also opportunities for continual income from the investment for as long as the well continues to produce. 15% of the gross income from the well will also be tax free, under the small producer's exemption allowance.

Another important factor to consider when looking for an oil and gas company to work with is timely payments of the funds. The payment structure should be noted up-front, and all factors related to the payments should be clearly outlined. Furthermore, there should be some verification that the funds will be delivered to the investor on time and in full as agreed. U.S. Emerald Energy is a highly reputable company that has been in business for over 21 years. Investors who are looking for a company to work with for direct participation investment opportunities often consider them because of their reputation for success and dependability, including having an open door policy which allows the partners to visit their offices and their wells at any time.

U.S. Emerald Energy is just one of dozens of oil and gas companies in the United States. While there are many options available for direct participation investors to consider, many are making the decision to work with this company for their investments. U.S. Emerald makes every effort to promote its investors' best interests, and they have recently enhanced its investor resources to further promote their investment experience.


U.S. Emerald Energy is a highly reputable oil and gas company that works on proven developmental wells rather than wildcats. Because of this, the company is known for its ability to decrease risk to its investors while also promoting their best interests through resources and services. Those who are interested in making a direct participation investment with this oil and gas company can contact U.S. Emerald Energy today to obtain more information. The company can be reached by phone at 800-783-9059.

Media Contact: Matt Greenfield, U.S. Emerald Energy, 800-783-9059, mgreenfield@usemeraldenergy.com

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