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Demand for building boards in the US is forecast to grow more than seven percent annually through 2017 to over 50 billion square feet, as measured on a 3/8 inch basis. Residential construction markets account for over four-fifths of building board demand, so increased construction activity due to the expected housing market rebound will spark gains for building boards. In particular, the housing market recovery will drive growth in demand for building boards in flooring and wall sheathing applications. Rising residential improvement and repair activity will also contribute to building board demand, though to a lesser extent than gains in the new residential market.

OSB to outpace softwood plywood structural boards

Of all of the board products, softwood plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) account for the largest portion of demand. Both products are structural boards, meaning they are approved for use in structural applications such as floor and wall sheathing. Through 2017, OSB is forecast to see much more rapid gains in demand than those in softwood plywood. In 1992, OSB was certified by all model building codes in the US to perform as well as softwood plywood on a thicknessby-thickness basis. Since that time, OSB has increasingly gained market share from softwood plywood in construction markets, as it offers the same performance characteristics but at a lower price point. This trend is expected to continue through 2017.

Insulation board, particleboard to pace nonstructural board products

Nonstructural board products include particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), hardwood plywood, hardboard, insulation board, and other fiberboard products. Through 2017, rapid growth is expected in insulation board products, as these products are used frequently in roof and wall sheathing applications and will benefit from the expected housing market recovery. However, insulation board is projected to continue to account for only a small portion of overall nonstructural board demand through 2017. Particleboard is also forecast to exhibit strong demand gains through 2017. Utilized frequently in manufacturing applications including furniture and fixtures and transportation equipment, particleboard demand will benefit from the expected rise in general manufacturing activity.

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U.S. Lubricant Additives Market 2017 Forecasts

Demand for lubricant additives in the US is expected to increase to 2.4 billion pounds in 2017, valued at $3.8 billion, with growth resulting from rebounding lubricant production and modestly rising additive treat rates. Additives such as antioxidants and friction modifiers, which are capable of providing longer lubricant service life or fuel efficiency benefits, will see the strongest demand growth, while those such as antiwear and extreme pressure additives containing potentially undesirable chemistries will experience below average advances. OEM specifications for lubricant performance will continue to drive changes in formulations, with particular focus on lubricants' contribution to meeting fuel economy and emissions regulations leading to increased demands placed on related lubricant characteristics.

Industrial uses to outpace automotive applications

Automotive applications tend to be highly technical and present a larger market for both finished lubricants and lubricant additives than do industrial uses. However, demand for additives in automotive lubricants will be restrained due to weak growth in vehicle usage, lengthening service intervals, and little room to further increase additive concentrations. This will have the largest impact on deposit control additives, including dispersants and detergents, which are a major component of engine oils and account for the largest share of total lubricant additives demand. Deposit control additives will grow at a below average rate, despite benefiting from strict requirements for engine cleanliness present in the upcoming GF-6 passenger car engine oil specification.

Environmental concerns to continue affecting demand

Environmental concerns will continue to play a major role in lubricant formulation and use. Reduction of elements such as chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur, and metals has proceeded at a rapid pace over the past decade, particularly in automotive lubricants. Although there is no immediate regulatory push for further reduction of these chemicals in automotive lubricants, end users in all markets will increasingly demand lubricants perceived to be less harmful to equipment, worker health, and the environment. Use of more environmentally friendly fuels, including renewable fuels, in both automotive and industrial engines will also drive changes in lubricant formulation and additive demand. For example, expanding use of biodiesel in the motor vehicle fuel pool will require better oxidation and corrosion protection from lubricants. In contrast, falling sulfur content in marine fuel oil may reduce the need for detergents in marine engine lubricants.

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