U.S. Based Tamper Evident Seals Company, American Casting & Manufacturing, Shares Tips for Secure Locking and Use of Bag Seals

NEW YORK, March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tamper evident seals company, American Casting & Manufacturing, provides tips for the secure locking and use of tamper evident bag seals.

Plastic and fabric bags that require the use of tamper evident security seals are mostly used for money, valuables, documents, or bulk products that need protection from theft or contamination. American Casting & Manufacturing offers two tamper evident seals, models PS-360 and DTZIP, that can be used for sealing bags. Both models are available with optional gripping teeth for additional hold on most bags.

American Casting & Manufacturing offers the following tips for the secure locking and use of bag seals:

  1. Tightening is key. For optimal security, the seal band should be pulled as tightly as possible without damaging the seal or the bag. Proper tightening avoids accidental or intentional movement of the seal, and it deters unauthorized access with tools to manipulate the lock mechanism. The seal must be cut off to open the bag.
  2. Trim the excess band. Once the seal is fully tightened you should cut the excess band as close to the lock body as possible. Some users prefer to leave the excess band on the seal to verify if it is all still intact. This is not necessary if the seal is fully tightened. Once the seal is tight and the excess seal band is gone, there is no practical way to reattach the seal after removal. There is not enough of the band remaining to pull it around the bag and reinsert it.
  3. Sealing smaller bags. If a bag is too small for a tight fit when fully closed, the bag often can be twisted and folded over to double the diameter that is being sealed.
  4. Marking and printing. Both models can be marked with letters and serial numbers. Stock pre-stamped seals have SEALED and numbers. Custom stamping and/or printing of logos and barcodes is possible.

About American Casting and Manufacturing:American Casting & Manufacturing Tamper Evident Seals Supplier, is a New York based, family-owned manufacturing company that produces high-quality customizable security seals, including bolt seals, container seals, and trailer seals, across a wide range of industries. Through innovative production, customer service, and both employee loyalty and respect and respect, the tamper evident seals manufacturer has been producing high-quality seals for over 100 years. The company conforms to the highest standards, meeting the requirements of ISO-9001:2008 quality management systems.

Media Contact: Brandon Wenk, American Casting & Manufacturing Corporation, 516-394-7010, Bwenk@seals.com

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