Urgent Appeal UK/US/EU/Asia/Middle-East - Help with Airlift of Winter Children's Clothes to Afghanistan Wanted

Successful Delivery of Nearly 3 Tonnes of Relief Goods to Kabul Camps in March Sets Stage For Second Mission

LONDON, Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- London, United Kingdom, October 15, 2012 - Following their success last Spring in delivering 2 1/2 tons of warm winter baby clothes, blankets, and supplies to the refugee camps in Kabul, the British Afghan Women's Society in London has collected nearly three tons of warm winter baby and children's clothes to send to the refugee camps in Kabul, Afghanistan, in response to the news of the freezing deaths of at least 23 children under age 5 the previous Winter.

Help is still being sought in transporting the cargo from London to Liege Airport in Belgium.  If  you own a trucking service and can kindly donate your company's services please call 0044(0)208 3736350  At least one large truck is required.

The project will also bring five Afghan children with medical conditions which require specialized treatment to the US for treatment. In the course of last Spring's project, which was named Ismail's Flight after the youngest of the children who froze to death in the camps, such treatable medical need was identified, and the project coordinators resolved to help if they could. This fall's project has been named Deadra's Flight, after the wife of Myron Stokes of Global HeavyLift Holdings in Michigan. Mr. Stokes, in collaboration with the British Afghan Women's Society, is coordinating the air transportation of the mercy load as he did last Spring. . Mrs. Stokes, Deadra, recently passed away. The project is named in tribute to her generous spirit.

The freezing deaths of the children last winter were due to a lack of adequate clothing, blankets, heating fuel, and food. The people of the camps live in unheated tents in the Winter.  Donations of blankets, warm baby clothes, children's clothes, boots, shoes, scarves, powdered milk, and baby formula are still being accepted. The projected take-off date from Liege Airport is October 30th.  Please pack donations in cardboard boxes and deliver to:

British Afghan Women's Society
Room 4, Community House, 311, Fore Street, Edmonton, N9 0PZ, London, UK

Myron D. Stokes, Managing Director of Global HeavyLift Holdings, Inc, is also requesting from industry colleagues the provision of 2 Heavy Duty pickup trucks with power generating capacity to drive construction site power tools (an administrative/recreational bldg is to be built within the Kabul camps) as well as a Mobile Surgical Hospital.  "Both these structures can serve as emergency shelters in the event of a repeat of last year's atypical and dangerous weather conditions,"' said Stokes. "The logical intent is to create an atmosphere of self-sufficiency by tapping into the considerable skill-sets amongst the local population. Indeed, it is paramount that all engaged in these relief efforts recognize the need to allow Afghanis caught in extraordinarily difficult circumstances to maintain their dignity."

Ms. Rassa of the British Afghan Women's Society said:

"It means so much to them, to see that not all the world has forgotten them.  No child should ever have to freeze to death, ever."

"Our intent was to create a new rapid response transport of relief goods directly to the point of utilization strategy", said Ben Ballout, Global HeavyLift's Director of Middle-East Operations. "We believe that the success of the first relief mission earlier this year demonstrates the viability of this approach."

Questions may be directed to Zarghona Rassa at the email:

baws_uk@yahoo.com and/or info@britishafghanwomen.org

It is estimated that about 35,000 people are living in makeshift camps\ in and around Kabul, the vast majority of them fleeing the violence of the war throughout the country. In Kabul, their lives are harsh and plagued by hunger, sickness, and lack of basic necessities. Winter brings the additional, often deadly, challenge of sub-freezing temperatures, which hits the youngest children the hardest. The New York Times last winter reported in-depth on the freezing deaths of at least 23 children under age five. Because their bodies are small, they are drawn of body heat quickly when they lack sufficient warm winter clothing, blankets, and calories to help maintain body temperature. The deaths usually happen at night when the temperatures plunge to their lowest points. In February of this year, Andrew North of the BBC reported the story of Mr. Samid Gul, who had recently lost an infant daughter. Mr. Gul said:

"We were up all night trying to keep her warm, but there weren't enough blankets. Then we heard her cough. It was her last breath."

Frigid temperatures which for adults are miserable and even dangerous are all the more so for small children.

Spearheading the collection of the items is the British Afghan Women's Society in London. Last March the Society gathered over 2,000 kilos of children's clothes and blankets. Air transport of the cargo was led by Myron Stokes of Global HeavyLift Holdings Inc. of Bloomfield Hills, MI, working with strategic partners at Kalitta Air of Ypsilanti, MI, DHL-Great Britain, Fast Forward Freight, Belgium, and Aviapartner Belgium.

Monetary donations are also being accepted by the British Afghan Women's Society for the project . American credit cards can be used even though donations are denominated in British pounds. A small conversion fee may be charged. Please reference donation with the note "winter012."

British Afghan Women's Society online donation link.

Checks and money orders payable to British Afghan Women's Society may be sent to (reference "winter012″):

British Afghan Women's Society
Room 4, Community House
311 Fore Street
London, N9 0PZ

Further donation information:


Ralph Lopez
phone: 617-412-9438
email: ralphlopez2008@gmail.com


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Refugees Fleeing War in Afghanistan"

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"Off-Radar" Afghanistan Refugee Camps Airlift Relief Mission

Volunteers, Airlines Lift Tons of Baby Clothes to Refugees Fleeing War
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UPDATE: "ISMAIL'S FLIGHT", A Conjoined Relief Effort of Kalitta Air,
DHL, Aviapartner, Fast Forward Freight and Global HeavyLift

Media Contact: Ralph Lopez British Afghan Women's Society, 617-412-9438, ralphlopez2008@gmail.com

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