Union Springs Integrative Medicine Launches New Direct-to-Physician Partnership Model

FORT MITCHELL, Ky., Aug. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --  Union Springs Integrative Medicine (USIM), a subsidiary of Union Springs LLC, has officially launched its direct-to-physician partnership initiative.  This unique business model offers extensive health and financial benefits to physicians and patients.  The company is staffed by independent marketing representatives who detail the Company's evidence based products directly to physicians.  Consumers are able to purchase directly from the Company and thus eliminate layers of costly middlemen.

According to USIM founder Roger Griggs, who has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical business in which his companies developed and commercialized over 30 prescription and over-the-counter products, including Adderall®, Duet®, and Hycet®; "Creating Union Springs Integrative Medicine is fulfilling a personal mission to help restore the vital physician-patient relationship by bringing high quality, high tech, non-prescription, affordable products directly to the patient upon the recommendation of their physician." He added, "Physicians are attracted to the USIM model because they can improve their quality of care by offering scientifically validated, non-prescription products as an option for patients.  These non-Rx items are safe, high quality products deliver on what they promise.  They are made in certified GMP facilities.  Patients also win because the products are clinically validated, evidence based and taken with the confidence of their physician's recommendation."  Griggs also emphasized that these naturally based products are safe and, if used as directed, work with none of the side effects common to most prescription therapies.

Griggs wants to make sure that both the health and financial benefits of his model stay with the patient and the physician.  He commented, "I spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry where most of the profits go to large manufacturers, investors, insurance companies and retailers. Physicians, patients and the sales reps are always the ones who are financially squeezed.  In the USIM model, I want the patient, physician and our independent entrepreneurs, who represent USIM in the field, to financially benefit.  For the patient, we keep the product cost very affordable.  For the physicians, we offer them grants to be used to reinvest in their practices and their communities.  For the independent entrepreneurs, they are compensated based on their individual performance with no middleman. With the USIM model everybody wins."

There are four key components of the USIM business model:

  1. High Quality Products:
  • NoctoPlex - a comprehensive sleep formula designed to help patients enjoy a full night's sleep so they wake up refreshed and recharged without feeling groggy.  NoctoPlex has been clinically validated as a complete sleep solution which helps patients gently fall asleep, stay asleep, and enjoy better quality sleep.
  • LuciPlex – a comprehensive brain health formula scientifically created by researcher Dr. Charles Day with clinically validated ingredients that have shown to improve memory, recall, focus and clarity while slowing natural brain atrophy which may trigger neurodegenerative diseases.
  • MyClyns® Pro Hand Sanitizer – a non-toxic, alcohol-free hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs on contact.  The product has a moisturizing foaming action that forms a long lasting protective antimicrobial barrier on the skin and nails for protection.  It is an excellent alternative to harsh alcohol based hand sanitizers.
  • MyClyns® Pro Surface Shield Wipes – non-toxic wipes that prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew on the treated surfaces for up to 30 days. The product is registered with the EPA for consumer and industrial use and utilizes BioSafe® anti-microbial nanotechnology.

2.     In-Office Patient Education:

Physicians who sign up for the program are provided with a complete set of in-office education materials.  These product-specific education materials are intended to educate their patients about the key benefits of each product.  Education materials include both product table tents housed in acrylic holders and take-home product pamphlets.  Additional patient information is available online.

3.     Patient Starter Kits: (NoctoPlexand LuciPlex)

Once a physician has recommended the product to their patient, they are able to provide a starter kit complete with a 5-day supply of the product. The innovative Starter Kits allow the patients to begin use of the products immediately while their product orders are in route.

4.     Patient Home Delivery:

Patients can order the product directly from Union Springs Integrative Medicine via the USImeds.com website or toll free at 1-866-924-4448.  Shipping is free and the product typically takes 5-7 days to arrive at the patient's home.

"The early physician interest has been very positive with many signing onto the program in the first few weeks of the initiative", said Griggs.  His goal is to expand the model nationally by the end of the year.  He concluded, "I am excited to embark on what will be a multifaceted and challenging journey to build a new kind of company.  The most interesting portion of the program is we help the physician do what they are already doing but do it better.  There will be snarls and twists in the road.  However, if we can build a team of like-minded entrepreneurial partners that are committed to improving the quality of healthcare in the USA, there is nothing to fear and much to gain."

About Union Springs Integrative Medicine:

Union Springs Integrative Medicine (USIM) is a subsidiary of Union Springs LLC, a healthcare product development company.  It's management team and affiliated companies have successfully commercialized over 30 prescription and over-the-counter healthcare products during the past 30 years and are committed to providing physicians and their patients with prescription-quality, naturally derived products and clinically validated healthcare technologies.

Our innovative portfolio of products, classified as "dietary supplements" by the FDA, are thoroughly tested and scientifically formulated to achieve specific outcomes.  These evidence-based products should be used under the direction of a physician or healthcare professional and are intended for preventative, pre-prescription or adjunctive healthcare applications.  Our purpose is to provide the physician with additional pharmaceutical and nutritional tools to better treat their patients and preserve or improve their overall quality of life.

Media Contact: Ed Fanning, Union Springs Integrative Medicine, 859-384-3600, efanning@unionsprings.com

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