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DALLAS, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A new industry research report "2013 UAE Real Estate Market Report" by Geopolicity is now available in the ever growing online business intelligence database at After a significant slowdown, soaring property prices and rents, and rental yields higher than most global markets have brought investors back to UAE real estate markets in 2012. Accelerated investment activity has also echoed the risk of speculative behavior, which overheated and eventually collapsed the market in 2008.

To ensure sustainable long-term sector recovery, in December 2012, the UAE Central Bank announced plans to restrict Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratios for mortgage lending to expatriates and UAE nationals (50% and 70% respectively) – a move that has preoccupied industry debate and market recovery projections. While the details, or the exact capping levels, of the proposed regulation are currently the focus of negotiations with UAE banks, discussions have overlooked a larger, more systemic issue – the economic impact of mortgage restriction.

To contribute towards the ongoing debate, Geopolicity takes a close up look at the current UAE real estate climate, and reveals the possible extent of GDP losses as a result of the proposed mortgage cap in the research 2013 UAE real estate market report @

The report, available for purchase @, finds that, unless revised upwards, the cap would not only have a negative impact on growth across the UAE; it would have a particularly detrimental impact on the Dubai economy. While the move by central Government to better regulate the market is both necessary and welcomed to remove the risks of overheating and to lay the foundation for sustained and quality growth, the report highlights the need for multiple policy responses and a degree of moderation, at a time when both property prices and rental growth are beginning to recover. Moreover, as the UAE's construction market regains its appeal to investors, with over $70 billion worth of construction awards in the pipeline in 2013, a detailed review of the options open to the market are urgently required, given the lessons learned in other countries living through boom and bust cycles.

Designed to inform strategic investment decisions, the report offers unparallel insights into one of the world's most dynamic real estate and construction markets, featuring analysis of sector governance, growth trajectory and drivers, demand and supply levels, and environmental issues. It provides data and forecasts for all core real estate product lines, including residential, office, retail and hospitality

DATA INDEX for this report includes:

Tables on 2013 United Arab Emirates (UAE) Real Estate Market:

  • Table 1: Key UAE Economic Indicators (Latest Available Data)
  • Table 2: The Global Competitiveness Index 2012-­‐2013
  • Table 3: Global Real Estate Transparency Index 2012
  • Table 4: GCC Construction Contract Awards (million US$)
  • Table 5: Mortgage Cap Impact on GDP (million Dhs)
  • Table 6: Macro Prudential (LTV limits) And Fiscal Tools in Other Key Real Estate Markets
  • Table 7: Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Table 8: Origin of Real Estate Investment in Dubai
  • Table 9: Rental Yields in Dubai – Key Residential Properties
  • Table 10: UAE Real Estate Stock & Expected Short-­‐Term Supply
  • Table 11: UAE Real Estate Supply Trends
  • Table 12: 2012 Building Activity in Dubai – Selected Indicators

Figures for the United Arab Emirates Real Estate Industry in 2013:

  • Figure 1: Key Industry Growth & Constraint Factors
  • Figure 2: UAE New Hospitality and Retail Real Estate Supply
  • Figure 3: Dubai Property Investments by Origin-­‐2012
  • Figure 4: Top Origins of Real Estate Investment in Dubai-­‐2012 (m Dhs)
  • Figure 5: Number of Real Estate Investors in Dubai from Top Origin-­‐2012
  • Figure 6: Premium Investors Scoring-­‐2012
  • Figure 7: Rental Yield for Select Residential and Office Spaces: Dubai
  • Figure 8: UAE New Office and Residential Real Estate Supply
  • Figure 9: Impact of Proposed Mortgage Cap on GDP – Scenario 1
  • Figure 10: Impact of Proposed Mortgage Cap on GDP – Scenario 2
  • Figure 11: Impact of Proposed Mortgage Cap on GDP – Scenario 3
  • Figure 12: Key Construction Awards in 2012 (million US$)
  • Figure 13: Most Popular Property Products for Investment (4-­‐month Trends)
  • Figure 14: Construction Materials Index
  • Figure 15: UAE Pipeline Projects
  • Figure 16: Value of UAE Construction Awards (bn US$)
  • Figure 17: UAE Current Construction Projects by Industry -­‐ Value (bn US$)
  • Figure 18: UAE Supply Trends
  • Figure 19: UAE Real Estate Stock & Expected Short-­‐Term Supply

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