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TestoMeds is now offering discounted Androforte, the leading treatment for Low Testosterone.

BET SHEMESH, Israel, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Childhood is an important time in any person's life, but it can't last forever. Every culture in the world delineates the time when one is adolescent and when one reaches the age of majority. In some culture, it's a sacred reading from the ancient scrolls, an affirmation of religious principles. But some cultures are much more masculine…including the land divers of Vanuatu.


The land divers of Vanuatu don't require the low T supplements Testomeds is known for. Their masculinity comes through extreme danger. Boys as young as five ascend wooden towers and, tied with vines, bungee jump close to the surface. The event is often fatal, punishing those who miscalculate their jumps or show signs of fear. Though brutal, the event is said to bring a plentiful yam harvest. The higher a man jumps from, the more masculine he is (and the more yams he'll likely eat).

Of course, manliness is based on actions, but it's also based on chemistry. When the body provides a lack of testosterone, it doesn't matter what a person does: they'll feel a decline in feelings of general well-being, an increased need for sleep, their beard growth will decrease, and sex drive/sexual performance will evaporate.

That's why more and more men are turning to Testomeds for low testosterone treatments. The patented Androforte 5% (a superior form of Androgel) is a bio-identical synthetic testosterone that can be applied directly to the scrotum. As cheap as 117.00 for 50 days of supply, the benefits are limitless.  And the best part? No cliff diving! (Eating yams is optional).

Synthetic testosterone isn't just for men; Profeme is the equivalent product for women, balanced for their particular needs. (Progesterone treatment products are also available).

J.S. of Florida is one believer. "My doctor started me on your product, which seemed to make all of the difference in the world," he said, "My fatigue symptoms seemed to vanish within weeks, and my libido returned to that of a man in his 20s."

Those seeking more masculinity should dial 1-888-543-6076. Once the products arrive, results may be visible as early as seven days. Ordering is available 24/7 from

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