Traxo and Knowdelay Introduce Personalized "Early-Alert System" for Travel-Related Weather Delays

3-Day Advance Prediction of whether Your Flights Will Be Delayed, Plus Help with Flight Reaccommodations

DALLAS, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- MOTHER NATURE is now a lot less likely to disrupt travel plans, thanks to a new service from Traxo and KnowDelay that automatically predicts if your flight will be delayed or cancelled due to weather, up to three days in advance, with extreme accuracy. 


Traxo's effortless travel organization service is able to detect your upcoming flights automatically, without you re-entering any new information, and KnowDelay's advanced forecasting analytics provide the delay and cancellation predictions based on a deep understanding of how meteorology and air traffic affect airport operations.  The outcome is an awesome new automatic personal "weather early-alert system" that lets you know far in advance if Mother Nature intends to collide with your travel plans.  These alerts arm travelers with sanity and rebooking options, by providing proactive re-accommodation recommendations that give them a jump ahead of other travelers, well before the airlines or other entities notify of such potential delays.  Travelers can contact their original airline with alternatives they can reference or proactively seek other providers if arrival time is critical.

Before weather gets you stressed out or in the way of your planned arrival, "Traxo will tell you what others won't, several days in advance," said Traxo Founder and CEO Andres Fabris.  "This new early-alert service works across-platforms, meaning it doesn't matter where you booked your flight, or what airline you're flying.  You don't need to have elite status in order to get this extra coverage -- all Traxo members receive these advanced weather alerts for free."

KnowDelay's team of Ph.Ds., meteorologists and pilots have created an algorithm that now joins with Traxo's auto-detection of flight reservations, notifying travelers when a potential flight may be disrupted – using red, yellow or green icons, offering re-accommodation options for those in the "red".  In the case of a red displayed icon, KnowDelay's team sees a high probability of weather related disruptions, thus travelers are prompted with alternative routes and options before other travelers are even aware of the weather.

The newly introduced service is the most substantial advanced flight delay prediction tool on the market, considering that weather was a factor in 70% of air traffic delays according to FAA records. In fact, the American Meteorological Society Commission on the Weather and Climate and the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) Majority Staff estimate that domestic air traffic weather-related delays amount to an annual  $28B cost to the U.S. economy.  "We already know there is a real need here, we estimate two-thirds of the flying public can proactively avoid weather related travel disruptions if they are provided with this kind of advance weather information," said Fabris.

"We are serving consumers with the most efficient and effective way to make sure critical time arrivals are met with advance intelligence," said former airline pilot, KnowDelay, Founder and Director Geoff Murray, Ph.D.

In addition to the bad weather flight alert, Traxo is planning to expand Traxo Alert Services to include other convenience, time and money saving, and point earning benefits. Traxo's new mobile app is currently in Beta, and will launch in the App store by mid-May.

About Traxo

Traxo is the world's most advanced personal travel organizer.  The free service automatically detects and aggregates travel information, including: itineraries, miles, points, and elite status, directly from over 190 different travel websites, and accepts travel confirmation emails from over 1,300 travel providers, organizing everything into a single, comprehensive travel dashboard.  For more information, please visit

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