Tournament Chess Set Provider, The House of Staunton, Explains How to Train for Chess Tournaments

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Sept. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tournament chess set manufacturer, The House of Staunton, speculates on the preparation needed to enter a chess tournament.

It is never too early to start preparing for a chess tournament. As players become more competitive, it is wise to hire a coach or join a scholastic program in addition to consulting an engine for game analysis. Various preparation tactics help prepare players for tournament-level play:

Practice solving tactics. Prior to entering a tournament, players should practice solving tactics for at least 30 minutes per day without hints.  Practice should focus on solving mates, short endgames, and tactical motifs. Practice conditions should reflect the conditions that will be encountered during tournament play. For example, players should practice under time-limited conditions.

Study and improve opening moves. Developing a strong chess opening repertoire takes considerable preparation. However, learning to establish a strong position at the start of each game is important. Joining a chess club where there will be access to a coach can assist players with this aspect of chess. Study games played by the top players and look for ways to incorporate new strategies into opening moves. Players can also consult chess websites, chess books, chess software and DVDs to practice these moves. In addition, players should practice middlegame pawn structures and end game transpositions.         

Analyze previous games and play training games. Use a computer engine to analyze past games and learn from previous mistakes. The best players begin preparing for their next tournament immediately after their most recent game. Play as many training games as possible against strong competitors before the tournament. There are several chess playing websites that allow players to connect with opponents around the clock. If you're busy, online chess games allow players to compete in games as short as one minute.

Solve Chess Puzzles. Players need to continually sharpen their tactical awareness. Chess puzzles are an excellent way to develop this type of awareness. A vast majority of games are determined by each player's tactical strength. It only takes one tactic to win a chess game.

Enjoy the game. Chess is a serious game, but it is also fun. Prepare using techniques that enhance your love for the game. Your passion will help at the tournaments if it is tempered by patience and strategic play.

Rest. Tournaments require a great deal of mental, emotional, and physical stamina. Playing a six hour game of chess takes a toll on the body. The top chess players are in excellent physical shape. Be sure to eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of sleep the night before the tournament.

About The House of Staunton: The House of Staunton is an American locally owned and operated small business. For over 27 years, they have manufactured the world's finest chess equipment. They sell a wide variety of chess sets, chess boards and chess boxes, and are the equipment provider for top chess tournaments worldwide. Their chess sets are featured in numerous movies and television shows as well as on book covers and in print ads.

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