Tour and Travel analysts unveil seven of the most breathtaking destinations for children in North America

OSLO, Norway, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tour and travel experts have unveiled some of the most popular and breathtaking destinations for children in North America. Over the last few years a lot of travel companies have introduced tailored travel solutions designed for kids. Even though a majority of all global tourists are adults, the truth is there are a number of destinations across North America that are just meant for children. According to travel experts children have unique tastes when it comes to travel and finding destinations that will blow their minds can be difficult.


According to industry analysts the current trends in tour and travel have placed great emphasis on children preferences. The analysts also continue to say that one of the leading destinations for children is Orlando and Kissimmee in Florida.  Although this is a popular spot for any tourists, there are fun activities including sports, art and general relaxation that children can really enjoy. Travel experts note that Orlando and Kissimmee is a perfect ground for kids to learn and enjoy at the same time.

The ultimate goal of tour and travel is to have fun and enjoy the world. There is too much to be savored on earth and experts say that there is nothing that can better get children closer to Mother Nature than a family boat cruise into the sea. Cruise providers understand the need to have child responsive activities in ships and in fact, most have play grounds for children and art rooms to keep them happy. A boat cruise is probably one thing that a child will never forget and for parents looking to tour around the world with their kids, this is the perfect option.

Traditionally National Parks have been some of the most popular destinations for children. The thrill and excitement of seeing wild animal will surely be good for any child. The National Parks of the US and Canada are endowed with a broad diversity of wildlife both local and exotic. According to trip advisors, Anaheim in California is also a very popular stop for children basically because this is the home of Disney Land. The truth is each and every kid dreams of coming to Disney land and that is the main reason why Anaheim in California is a major destination.

For parents looking for child friendly vacations there is no better place that can offer this than the Virgin Islands in the United States. The Islands are dubbed as the perfect home away for home and there are a number of exciting fun activities to be savored by children here. In addition to the Virgin Islands, New York City is also a very nice place for children. According to many trip advisors, children's ideas of tourism are linked to big cities and New York should be a perfect stop.  Although North America has a number of destinations for kids, for parents looking for more cultural and well kept destinations Barcelona in Spain should be a good start. Trip advisors acknowledge that the tourism industry is keen on offering child friendly products and in the years to come, more and more children hot spots in the world will continue to emerge.

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