TopixTalk To Launch Live Public Beta

Offers Fresh New Spin to Social Media

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- There's a new social media site going into live Beta launch phase on October 28 – one that offers users an array of innovative new ways to interact with one another.


"We opened TopixTalk up to friends and family in a pre-Beta phase at the beginning of October, and just through organic growth we've seen tens of thousands of points of activity," says TopixTalk founder and developer Dan Louth. "We can't wait to watch this really take off once the Beta launch goes public."

"Social media is so popular, and is used so frequently by so many people for so many different things," says Louth. "There's just a non-stop demand for newer and more innovative ways for people to connect and share with one another. But there's been something important missing from social media offerings up till now," he says. "That missing piece has been functionality that really enables connection and community around common interests."

TopixTalk is different because it is built around topics. Users find the topics they care about, and the community that is lacking in so many other social media sites is right there, waiting for them. The intuitiveness of the concept translates naturally into functionality – it's extremely easy to join a topic, create a new topic, and post a link, image or video – just as it is to share these things directly from TopixTalk to friends and family on other social media networks.

"I noticed my family and friends on many of the mainstream social media sites trying to share their personal interests and hobbies, and kept seeing the same thing," says Louth. "Unless they were lucky enough to have lots of friends who shared their exact same interests, most of their posts get overlooked – which of course is a real letdown. I mean, the whole point of social media is the 'social' aspect, right?"

TopixTalk was designed to engage people around these common interests, which is facilitated partly through a dashboard that shows a member all of their interactions and connections -- her favorite topics, the topics she's created, topics she's joined, and all the people who have become a part of her TopixTalk community. In addition, TopixTalk has a "hijack" feature, which is a fun and unique way for participants to branch off an existing topic they are already a part of, creating a related sub-topic, while simultaneously inviting existing topic participants and their other social media friends to join.

"There is such a hunger out there for efficient ways to connect and communicate with people," says Louth. "And not just communicate. Even with the variety of ways social media can be used, and the richness of content that's available, people are still demanding better and easier ways to share information and to learn. We want to do it in real-time, on-the-go, on our laptops, from our iPads and tablets, with our smartphones -- and not just with friends and families, but with other people who share our interest and passions about the topics we really care about."

"TopixTalk was built from the ground-up to enable all of that, in a safe, smart, easy-to-use environment," says Louth.

Those interested in participating in the Beta test are invited to visit for more information.

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