Top Website Development Company, Lounge Lizard, shares Top Tips for more engaging Social Media Ads

NEW YORK, Jan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Lounge Lizard is globally recognized as one of the top website development companies within the web design and development industry. Lounge Lizard's brandtenders are creative, tech-savvy, and passionate in developing innovative strategies that drive conversion for both startup and established clients of all industries, making them the "best of breed since 1998."

Are your targeted social media ads not performing as well as you expected or hoped? If so then you are not alone. Not only are businesses complaining about the overall effectiveness of social media ads, but consumers are also complaining about ads that persistently clog feeds with irrelevant and disruptive messages. Today the NY based website development company, Lounge Lizard, shares Top Tips for more engaging Social Media Ads.

1.     Provide timely value. The best ads on social media are ones that are relatable and provide timely value. This is where understanding not only your audience but also where and when your ads will be displayed becomes important to your effectiveness. For example, a site like Facebook or Instagram features a lot of photos people take while traveling therefore travel-related ads will provide more timely value compared to tool ads. On the same concept of value, certain ad types will always provide more of it, such as using instructional or how-to videos to connect and engage versus just a flat advertisement. While the use of that type of video is very product or service dependent, the concept of why you would make use of it to provide value while selling is a useful concept to understand.

2.     Show authenticity. Real sells and phony doesn't in our current society, especially when you are working within the highly judgmental social media platforms. It is a must that your brand is always authentic on social media because time and time again those brands which aren't get called out very publically. Anyone remember the train wreck of an ad Pepsi did with Kendall Jenner and protests with the police line? That was obvious pandering to a current issue and came across as phony and tone deaf. Rather than looking for that type of angle it is much better to aim for staying connected to your audience and trying to entertain them with your ads along with providing value when you can.

3.     Showcase credibility. In today's highly scrutinized social media world credibility is a highly valued commodity. People will place greater weight on content or something that is shared based on who shares it rather than the point of origin. This is especially noticeable with millennials. The first step is to make sure you are considered a credible brand. The next step is to find social media influencers that are considered credible by your target demographic to help share your content and ads.

4.     Be persistent. Over 50% of users will interact with content or a brand three times or more before performing a convertible action. That means you need to be persistent with your content and ads to keep users tuned in and engaged so that they can reach the level of comfort they need before pulling the trigger on a conversion. You also need to actively be working on your social media presence to make sure it is always improving and growing versus going stagnant.

5.     Listen to criticism. One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is not listening to its target audience. If you pay attention to complaints and issues, then taking the time to respond and fix problems, it shows people that your brand does care about their needs and interests which are both critical to increasing brand awareness and loyalty. So open your eyes and ears to what people are saying about you, and then use those opportunities to connect, engage, and improve.

6.     Interact when possible. This is different than just listening to criticism in that you should have an active goal to interact with your target users on social media. That means running contests, playing games, going live, etc to help increase your brand presence and relationship with the users on social media. Fostering a connection means more than just putting out content and ads; you have to actively engage with people, which will then make them more receptive to your content and ads.

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