Top Website Design Company, Lounge Lizard, shares Top Tips for Creating Better Content

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Lounge Lizard is globally recognized as a top website design company, - within the web design and development industry. Lounge Lizard's brandtenders are creative, tech-savvy, and passionate in developing innovative strategies that drive conversion for both startup and established clients of all industries, making them the "best of breed since 1998."

Content creation can be a love-hate relationship. Sometimes you love a particular piece and think it might be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it ends up not resonating with your audience for some reason and you end up hating the results. While that can happen sometimes, it shouldn't be happening too often if you are following a sound content creation plan. Today the NY based website design company, Lounge Lizard, shares Top Tips for Creating Better Content.

  1. Make use of site analytics – Your site analytics are an excellent starting point to better understand what is working and not working for your business currently. You should look at customer behavior when on your site to try and determine where your content might be going wrong. Is it attracting people to the site? Are they not being properly educated and retained? When and where are they jumping ship? You need to understand current user behavior in order to craft a better plan for attracting and engaging them compared to what you are currently doing.
  2. Discover what motivates your customers – This is a critical aspect of any good content creation plan; discovering what motivates or interests your customers. If you can tap into what they are passionate about or what really motivates their online searches then you are at least going to be on the playing field when the game starts. You should be looking to identify their motivations, understand the importance behind those motivations and then look for content that will resonate along with being useful and relevant.
  3. Analyze the competition – "To be the best you have to beat the best," is an old fighting adage which actual makes sense in business as well. You should be analyzing your competitors for a few reasons. To start, you can see what they are doing effectively which gives you the option of doing the same thing, only better. Next, you can look for gaps in what they are doing which you might be able to fill. You can use competitor analysis tools that allow you to compare traffic analytics and learn a lot of useful information.
  4. Expand your formats – Blogs are a very common content format, but there are lots of other options. Variety is the spice of life so why not start expanding how you are providing content to your audience? Here are some examples of content types that can be used: Videos, infographics, polls, podcasts, surveys, case studies, eBooks, cartoons, webinars, guides, lists, memes, photos, press releases, online games, slide shares, white papers, how-to's, or interviews.
  5. Use CTA's and Internal Links – This is an overlooked step that can keep people on your site and engaged longer; providing them opportunities to stay. Calls to action along with internal links should be used in and around content to encourage people to explore other pages and aspects of your website. You want it to be easy to find information and take the next step, otherwise it is like you are fishing with good bait but forget to actually reel in the fish once it is hooked.
  6. Create a calendar – A content calendar is similar to a business in plan in that it provides a clear direction and plan for what you are doing along with some accountability, which is probably why so many businesses avoid them! With a set calendar you can more easily plan ahead and utilize better preparation for upcoming pieces and topics. A calendar also helps with consistency, which is a key point in growing your presence.
  7. Think like a customer -  When you are brainstorming, researching, and refining ideas for content always make sure to slip into both the 'new customer' and 'existing customer' personas for a minute to determine if or how this content will be useful, makes sense, and is interesting or engaging.  This can be tough as it requires a person to let go of their own ego and experience and then look at what you are doing from a different point of view. This is similar to point #2; however it is a useful reminder of a step that should be taking place during various stages of creation for each content piece.

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