Top Reputation Management Company Shakes Up Industry, Again.

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The first reputation management company to offer reputation management services to businesses announced today that they are no longer allowing any type of re-seller, private label, or compensated referrals. This comes as a shock to the reputation management industry and for many agencies, SEO experts, and internet marketing consultants they are left scratching their head of what to do next. Local reputation management company has answered some of the top questions asked by relevant internet strategists. The ReviewBoost Newsletter administrator shared an exclusive interview with a ReviewBoost insider simply known as "G" here are their findings;


Newsletter: Will cutting this program hurt financially and potentially lose clients?

"G" - A very small percentage of our customer base comes from affiliates, however we made this decision not because of finances but more so for the integrity of our product and customer service.

Newsletter: So what lead to this decision? What is the major issue?

"G"- If it was one issue, even a major one, we could have figured out a solution. Unfortunately, we had a combination of issues happening at the same time. I cannot go into all of them in detail but a few of them are that certain re-sellers were offering our services at extremely inflated prices, sometimes up to ten times the amount we charge. We do not have a legal stand point to run their pricing; however we feel that they are taking advantage of customers looking for our service. Another example that we need to put an end to quickly was a couple of advertising "experts" that when they re-sold our product would misrepresent themselves and state to customers that they were reviewboost directly. This type of impersonation by individuals and companies stating that they are a part of our company or a partner to us is dangerous ground.

Newsletter: If they were eliminated from the program would ReviewBoost re-consider this offering?

"G" – Unfortunately it goes beyond these bad apples as we want businesses to have a full understanding of our service and not have our message misunderstood. For example, our company works with businesses to survey their customers and obtain reviews.  Another avenue is that we work with businesses to promote the positive aspects of their company across the internet, and that sums up what we do. Having a 3rd party company selling what we do and giving customers a wrong interpretation can cause our name to be dragged through the mud.  Companies that utilize our service directly also understand that reputation is a whole package consisting of representation, social, mobile, and reviews. For example, it's not one item over another. Many internet marketing gurus only look at our name and automatically think that's all we do, so many customers misunderstand. Reviews are an indicator of reputation, almost like grades at school, so hence the name ReviewBoost.

Newsletter: Is that what triggered this decision? That companies where blaming you for work that is not under your umbrella?

"G"- It seems that people are looking for one specific answer to our decision, and I wish that was the case. To answer your question we have always had criticism as a company and it comes with the territory. Being the first company to offer internet reputation management to businesses affects a lot of other agencies, vendors, and even an IT guy at one company. However, our priority has not changed and it still is that our product comes first as that is what affects our customers and that's what our service is designed around, our customers. Over the years we have seen how competitors, copy cats, and impersonators of our company have reacted to industry changes and many do not adapt or simply attempt tactics that are outdated. Our system carries the same basics but our approach is constantly changing.

Newsletter: What happens now? What happens to the companies that want to continue reselling

"G"- For most agencies we are giving them till the end of the year to transition their clients. A couple of companies we are stopping immediately. (The bad apples) Please keep in mind that we have never asked for re-sellers or someone to sell for us.  We feel that these agencies will understand and giving their customers real expectations will help their business as well.

Newsletter:  Fast forward and you don't have resellers or affiliates for a year and everything is cleaned up, does offer it again?

"G" - That's a question that we can best answer down the road and speculating is not what we can do at this point. To address your question we are not cleaning up per say, because we cannot clean up the industry. For example, we have always welcomed healthy competition and respected companies that are our equal, but a large number of SEO companies that are struggling are adding reputation management to their offerings without fully understanding that it's a completely different product. Most of all we cannot clean up the dozen or so companies left that attempt daily to copy what we do. Some companies utilize desperate tactics to give the impression they are associated with our reputation management company.

Newsletter:  So can people still refer clients to you?

"G" - They do every day and yes they can continue to do so. The only difference is that they cannot offer our services indirectly. We also do not compensate for referrals as we feel this will help keep everyone honest and keep integrity within the industry as a whole. We are still open to collaborations on projects but will not work with certain individuals that we have now blacklisted and have damaged our name slightly. continues to lead an industry they founded and have announced that their proprietary reporting system will soon launch, which will help their nearly 6000 businesses throughout all five countries.

This company is privately owned and self-funded with 65 employees based out of San Diego, CA.

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