Top NYC ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon Releases 7 Steps To Fight Sinus Problems

ENGLEWOOD, N.J., March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Dr. Monica Tadros is a double board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and ENT based in NYC and Englewood, NJ.  As one of only a handful of doctors to receive dual certification board certification in both Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, she is an expert on both form and function of the nose.

Dr. Tadros has dedicated her practice to focus in on addressing sinus related issues which affect close to 30 million Americans annually.

More specifically, she believes that people are unsure of what to do when experiencing sinus pain, congestion, and discomfort.

"As an ENT, I have heard many patients tell me how worried they are that they will need to forgo rhinoplasty because of their sinusitis," said Tadros. "Sinus issues, in general, seem to be spiking, too. Most also mentioned they feel their symptoms worsening during the winter months."

Tadros has noticed that many of her patients have misconceptions about what can be done to alleviate sinus issues. In order to help sufferers cope with the winter season, Dr. Tadros has released seven important steps to help fight sinus problems – the first of which involves figuring out what is causing the issue.  

"One thing most people don't realize is that sinus problems might actually be the result of latent allergies they may not have been aware of," noted Tadros. "That's why the first step I suggest is to get an allergy evaluation, or to consult a doctor who works with sinus issues to help determine what the cause is."

According to Dr. Tadros, there are some culprits that can cause sinus issues. Having polyps, a deviated septum, or even allergies can all cause problems with your sinus ventilation. Once the cause is established, Tadros suggests quitting smoking and vaping. Tadros noted that both could irritate sinus systems, which exacerbates the issue immensely.

Steps three and four involve giving home remedies a shot, and also increasing the humidity in your home. The reason why is because both can help alleviate inflammation in sinus systems, and can help reduce the chance of sinus pain as a result.

"If you have allergies, avoiding allergens or even using Claritin can help," she noted. "After trying remedies for allergies, I typically tell sufferers to invest in a humidifier. Humid environments soothe sinuses regardless of the issue."  If you already have a humidifier, make sure it is regularly cleaned and free of mold that can actually make allergies worse.

Step number five, she explained, is to drink plenty of fluids and to consider using a saline sinus issues. Because the winter tends to have cold, dry air, people with sinus issues are much more likely to get clogged up – which in turn can put them at risk for infection.

Most people will find that their symptoms will become manageable by step four or five. For more extreme issues, Dr. Tadros explains that it may be time to address issues with a qualified doctor.

"If your sinus pain is not going away, something could be seriously wrong," said Dr. Tadros. "As a Physician who treats patients with sinus issues daily, I can tell you that it's possible that prescription medicine or surgery may be the only way to help address the pain."

Dr. Tadros urges all sinus sufferers with difficult-to-pinpoint sinus problems to talk to a doctor about their options, even if they don't think that their case is bad enough to warrant surgical intervention as there are also in-office options available due to technological advances.

"You never know what you might find out," said Dr. Tadros. "Even if doctors turned you away in the past, medicine is always evolving – and that means that a better life could just be a phone call away."

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