Toilet Paper? 75% of America is Over It.

Consensus Across Age, Sex and Region - Only Massachusetts Rebuts National Trend

VENTURA, Calif., Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- NATIONAL TOILET PAPER DAY: VENTURA, CA - August 23, 2012 – Today NetPlenish (, the new shopping service that delivers everyday essentials at the best price, reveals the results of a nationwide survey, in time for National Toilet Paper Day this Sunday, August 26th, and lifts the lid on the enduring debate: should toilet paper hang over or under the roll? Old or young, male or female, rich or poor, regular or irregular, America has spoken with a consensus unknown in this century. The nation's toilet paper hangs proudly over the roll. And there it will remain.


To celebrate National Toilet Paper Day, 75% of Americans have digested the choices and decided that toilet paper should be hung with the roll overhanging, not underhanging. In the first-ever nationwide survey conducted by NetPlenish, researchers who bent over forwards to get to the truth were surprised by the unanimity of the findings: the nation's toilet paper must hang at full mast. The results suggest that is profoundly un-American to allow your toilet paper to droop down toward the floor. Is it a symbol of defeat, of depression, of capitulation?
Apparently not in Massachusetts. For reasons not readily accountable, this state is the one downcast renegade. It rolls under. Is it some residual Pilgrim tradition? Is this the influence of John Kerry? Can we blame Romneycare? Might the Red Sox' hiring of Bobby Valentine have something to do with it?

Why should NetPlenish care about the truth? Because they bend over forwards to make sure people get the best deals every day on basic stuff like toilet paper. NetPlenish finds the deals, does the shopping and then delivers them to your door.  If people keep wasting paper by letting it all hang down (or even half of it), then it isn't such a good deal and NetPlenish feels guilty.

To commemorate National Toilet Paper Day on Sunday August 26th, and to pay tribute to united U.S. consumers, NetPlenish is also launching a promotion so you can get and hang the toilet paper you love best. Just enter the code TOILETPAPER upon checkout on or on your NetPlenish iPhone or Android app and rejoice at having $5 deducted from your order at NetPlenish to enable you to buy and hang your choice of toilet paper with the majority (or minority) of the populace. Offer ends on August 31st, so declare your position now!

Anyway, back to the research:
The survey discovered that women are even keener on the over-the-top position than are men.  Researchers discovered, though, that between the ages of 25-34, true Americans experience something of a movement in their bathroom habits. A mere 70% in this age range still roll their toilet paper over. The rest sink to unacceptable depths.
However, by the time they are in their 60s, more than 82% of Americans know exactly how it hangs.  Consumers in the West of America are the most emphatically over-rollers and Nevada is completely unanimous. Are those slot-happy residents more protective of their fingers? Is it that their knuckles don't have to scrape the wall - who knows what germs, spiders or stray sneezes might lurk there?

In the South, over 44% in Louisiana favored a hang-under approach.  Is this because the hang-under is neater and doesn't unravel, should you find yourself in an RV, an earthquake, or an RV in an earthquake? Or is it that, when manufacturers design patterns for toilet paper, they always ensure that the designs will be right way up, if you roll your paper from the top?
Some might think the Great Toilet Paper Question is one that is beneath most Americans. But Americans spend 30 minutes every year trying to find the end of the toilet roll. Yes, just trying to find it. This is a question so many Americans have asked themselves while being caught short at their friend's house, their new lover's apartment or even in a public restroom at Minneapolis airport. Sometimes, they look across and discover that they have strayed into hang-under territory. It is important to be sure how to position one's hands in an hour of such obvious need. You don't want to place your hand on top of paper that you may not use. It is basic hygiene, as well as basic politeness. Yet if the roll happens to be a hang-under, that is exactly what may happen. You steady the top part, so that you can pull at the bottom.

NetPlenish is considering whether, on this National Toilet Paper Day, Congress might consider legislation that would make it, at the very least, a misdemeanor - punishable by community service restroom cleaning - to hang your toilet paper under the roll. The company feels sure that, in an era in which Congress seems unable to agree on anything, this is an issue upon which everyone can sit united. It is not the 1% that has nailed its colors to the mast, but the 75%.

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