Todd Macaluso and Macaluso and Associates donated $60,000 to Kendall Farms Produce

Todd Macaluso donates to a local farm to help build three wells to help sustain farming for the cultivation of produce for the impoverished people in San Diego County

FALLBROOK, Calif., March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Todd Macaluso and Macaluso & Associates are proud to announce that they are donating $60,000 to the Feed the Poor project in San Diego County. The money that Todd Macaluso is donating to Kendall Farms will be used to install three new water wells.  Previously, the outcrop of land sat unused due to the inability to keep the ground moist enough to grow vegetation in the hot arid climate. It was too expensive for the small farm to constantly transfer water or install an irrigation system. With the help of Todd Macaluso and his contribution, they were able to install three wells that provide more than enough water to the area.

Todd Macaluso watched the progress almost every single day. He states, "It was amazing to see the transformation for desert wasteland to a fruitful garden. There were so many people that came out to volunteer their time. I love it when a community pulls together to support one another. It's great that we can depend on each other to get things done."

Once the farm got the new area of land up and producing, they were able to feed many families in the San Diego County area. What's even better is that Todd Macaluso's donation keeps giving and helps to keep providing for the families. "I made a monetary contribution, and not everyone can do that, but everyone can give in one way or another. These people are giving their time, and that is something just about everyone can give. They really are an example for what is right in the world."

Todd Macaluso continues his charity work in his San Diego home.  He has expanded his good works over the years and gives to numerous other charities such as the Children's Hospital and Homeless Shelters. He is constantly raising awareness in his community for different causes, and Todd Macaluso is so charismatic that he is able to pull volunteers and donations left and right. It is just his spirit to be a giving person. Todd Macaluso has received several accolades and other awards, but is quick to mention that it's not the notoriety he is after, it's about the people he helps. 

About: Todd Macaluso is involved in different charity projects in his community. He donates money and time to Kendal Farms, the Children's Hospital, and various Homeless and Hungry Foundations.

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