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NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --, known for producing a series of newsletters on technological issues provided on a subscriber-only basis, recently announced topics that will be covered in the company's latest series of reports. As this announcement makes clear, The Day Group continues to strive for excellence, providing clients with information they might not be able to attain in any other way.

Growing Markets

According to September 2012 data from comScore, Apple's share of the smartphone market in the United States hovers at 33 percent, but that isn't stopping other producers from developing their own "smart" devices. According to research from The Day Group, shipments of such devices should grow at 14 percent annually through 2016. That could be good news for people looking for reliable investment opportunities. Similarly, The Day Group reports that shipments of 3D-ready devices should reach 226 million worldwide by 2019. Even though experts such as Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation Europe, continue to claim that 3D may not be a viable format for home entertainment systems, research conduced by The Day Group seems to say just the opposite. Those who invest now may be able to reap great rewards, as they might be hitting on a trend others have yet to discover.

"We create newsletters because we want to help our clients be first in line on trends," says a representative from TheDayGroup,net. "We like to think that the information we provide can help people act on signals others might take months or even years to pick up on. The current editions of our newsletters are packed with examples just like this, and I think our subscribers are really going to be pleased."

Changing Devices

A breakthrough study from 1988 stated that the computer industry was remarkably innovative, breaking all expectations for growth and change. Here, the researchers reported that for every five new computer models appearing on the market, one new computer company emerged as well. We've long moved past the boom days of Silicon Valley, but there are still a number of exciting innovations taking place, and The Day Group is happy to report on just a few of the new products that seem to be on the horizon.

Windows 8 is scheduled for wide release in October, and early reviews of the product are already full of praise, such as, "This is Microsoft putting it all together." It's likely that Microsoft executives are thrilled with this press, as TheDayGroup,net reports that the system represents a big gamble that Microsoft simply must make in order to stay relevant in the world of mobile. The latest newsletter contains detailed information about how the modifications in Windows 8 should allow users to quickly and easily move from keyboard to touchscreen, and why that transition matters. A separate article in the newsletter analyzes the role notebooks and all-in-one PCs have in driving the push for touch-screen programming.

"20 years ago, it would have been inconceivable for users to touch their computers or their phones to execute commands. In fact, many people had elaborate covers on their devices in order to prevent their fingers from touching the screen. All that's changed now, and it's a change we're monitoring closely at The Day Group," says a representative.

In-Depth Analysis

In 2010, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg famously stated that we live in a post-privacy age in which people are comfortable sharing almost everything, with people they've never even met. As a result, he claimed he changed his Facebook policies to reflect the spirit of the times. While pundits scoffed at the idea of the death of privacy, there is some evidence to suggest that Zuckerberg might be right. Researchers from suggest that mobile devices pose significant security risks, and that could impact business-critical data. An in-depth look at this issue is contained in the latest newsletter.

"We've also produced a feature-length article about the concerns facing CIOs in Australia and New Zealand," says a representative from The Day Group. "I can't go into specifics without giving the meat of the article away, but I remain convinced that this article will be of great importance to almost anyone who works in business. I know I found it to be eye opening."

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In addition to these topics, TheDayGroup,net also provides articles covering:

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For more than 20 years, consumers all around the world have leaned on the reports provided by The Day Group for accurate reporting on a variety of important topics. See more, and sign up, at the company's website:

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