The Red Cross listed among some of the top and most successful non-profit organization in the world

The Red Cross has been ranked as one of the top and most successful non-profit organization in the world.

OSLO, Norway, March 14, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The Red Cross has been ranked as one of the top and most successful non-profit organization in the world. According to a recent report the Red Cross humanitarian work has been vital especially in regions of conflict, epidemics and natural disasters. Non-profit organizations have played a key role in global wellness. Surprisingly though, they only pay but don't gain at all. According to many experts Charity organizations depend on good will from other wealthy corporations, individuals and also governments.


Although a lot of people note that non-profit organizations don't make any money, the truth is such organizations are some of the wealthiest in the world. Jobs in organizations such as the Red Cross and others are well paying and for decades now, charity organizations have been going strong. Along with The Red Cross, United Way was also ranked among some of the leading humanitarian organizations in the world. United Way has been involved in human rights advocacy, education, income stability and health. United way has been around for years and over that period the organization has become bigger and better.

Analysts have also observed that the Salvation Army has been a major non-profit organization over the last decades. The main mission for the Salvation Army is to help in efforts of eradicating poverty from all corners of the world. Observers however note that the Salvation Army has also been involved in children welfare including the provision of clothes and food. However when it comes to child welfare one organization that has really done a great job is Feed The Children. The relief Non-profit organization was founded in 1979 and until today, Feed the Children has become one of the biggest child welfare relief organizations in the world.

The number of non-profit organizations today is relatively higher compared to years back. A lot of observers note that this has largely been attributed by the increasing global problems especially in poverty, health, Education and Human Rights. Gift In Kind all the same has also been among some of the biggest and fastest growing non-profit organization in the world.  The good thing is today a lot of charity organizations are specializing on a specific field. The Americares for example has been dubbed as one of the largest disaster response organization in the world. Over the years, Americares has helped in supply of medical Aid, Food and any other necessary amenities in disaster stricken areas.

Although a lot of Observers in the Non-profit organization space agree that the Red Cross is simply the largest in the world, many still agree that YMCA is not far behind. The YMCA operates within the United States but it has a lot of power and influence that not many other Non-profit Organizations can muster. The YMCA concentrates on Education and Wellbeing in the US. The role Non-Profit Organizations are playing in making the world a better place is huge and even in years to come, this trend is expected to continue.

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