The Kickstarter Campaign Making All Your Plastic Tupperware Obsolete

The GreenTraveler is a Versatile, Leak-Proof, Reusable Container that will keep your food and drink contained while on the go - eliminating waste and worry.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The GreenTraveler, the brainchild of a team of environmental engineers, a business developer, and a graphic designer, is the ultimate leak-free, reusable to-go container.

Available for pre-sale today on the crowd funding website Kickstarter, the GreenTraveler has four isolated compartments with liquid-tight seals and two extra. This long-awaited product offers a convenient, eco-friendly way to carry up to 44 ounces of food, liquids or daily items for work or play.

In 2015, Co-founders James Robinson and Juliene Wintermute were searching for a more convenient way to carry fresh food and drinks around during their active adventures and in their daily lives. They found that all the current container options spilled, created unnecessary waste or were simply not portable. 

"We were both fed up with throwing away disposable to-go containers that we knew were ending up in landfills, and we were also frustrated by the leaks and bulkiness that came from using either plastic storage bags or Tupperware-type containers. So, we created something we think the world will love using." –James Robinson, Green Traveler co-founder

What is the GreenTraveler? 

The Original GreenTraveler is an eco-friendly container composed of four separate, leak-proof compartments that can carry a total of 44 ounces of food or beverages. The container is completely spill-free and can be carried easily by simply clipping to a bag or strap - allowing you to throw out all those bulky Tupperware-style containers.

The Original GreenTraveler was designed to give people a convenient, waste-free option for transporting food but it is useful for many things you want to keep dry as well. Constructed with ABS plastic, known for its technical and food-safe properties without BPA or phthalates, is also resistant to high heat – making it safe to use in microwaves and be cleaned in dishwashers.

Additional features include the usable volume and empty weight printed on each compartment of the container enabling you to measure the food you eat or buy premade food from a hot bar without paying for the weight of the container. 

Utilizing the GreenTraveler

In addition to allowing you to carry home-cooked meals to work and school, the GreenTraveler can also be used to buy food in bulk, and take away food from a restaurant or food truck without having to use disposable containers. Anyone, young or old, can carry their favorite food while out and about. 

In addition to everyday uses, it's also rugged enough to take hiking, skiing, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, climbing and use during all outdoor activities. Additionally, the Green Traveler is designed to be safe for children. It contains no leaching plastics, no hazardous chemicals, and no small parts that could be a choking hazard for kids.

How to Get A Green Traveler 

The Original Green Traveler is available on Kickstarter for a limited time with early bird special pricing, including more discounts available with additional purchases.  For more information, visit the GreenTraveler Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

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