The American Humane Association and Weaver Bros eggs

Weaver Bros., Inc. is the proud producer of American Humane Association certified Weaver Bros eggs in the United States of America. The company receives this approval for its humane production practices.

VERSAILLES, Ohio, June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Weaver Bros., Inc. is a family established agricultural business that produces Weaver Bros eggs.  The company has been successful in producing Weaver Bros eggs for its consumers and distributors for over four generations.  Weaver Bros., Inc. values their quality of production and is proud to be certified by many associations and organizations in the field of agriculture.  Every year, Weaver Bros., Inc. is approved by the American Humane Association for complying with its regulations for animal treatment during their production of Weaver Bros Eggs.  Weaver Bros., Inc. is well-known for their animal friendly and socially responsible methods of Weaver Bros eggsTim Weaver, the CEO of the company, says that "It's how we have always done it," referring to their high standards of treatment to their animals over the past four generations of the company's existence.

The American Humane Association was founded in the late nineteenth century for the protection of animals and children at work.  It is well-known for its approval of animals in film and TV production.  The statement at the end of commercials and films that claims that no animals were harmed in the making of the production comes from the AHA.  In the year 2000, they created the American Humane Association's Farm Animals Service program.  This was the first animal welfare program and label under the control of, and overseen by, the United States Department of Agriculture.  The AHA conducts all auditing of farms and their animals while the United States Department of Agriculture administers the certifications to ensure compliance with the current regulations for animal treatment. 

When certified by the AHA and the United States Department of Agriculture, a label is placed on all products produced by that company that inform the consumer and purchaser that the animals used for production were not subjected to unnecessary pain, distress, or fear while being raised for production.  This same label can be found on all Weaver Bros eggs.  A very large part of this program demands the implementation of space requirements for animals on a farm and in farming facilities.  The same space is provided to all chickens that produce Weaver Bros eggs.  Today, the American Humane Association certifies almost eighty-five percent of all cage-free eggs sold in the United State of America, including Weaver Bros Eggs.  Weaver Bros., Inc. is proud to say that they are certified each year by the United States Department of Agriculture for their fair treatment of animals that produce Weaver Bros eggs.

In addition to the AHA, Weaver Bros., Inc. is certified by the United Egg Producers for Weaver Bros eggs, as they are produced in compliance with United Egg Producers Animal Husbandry Guidelines.  Weaver Bros., Inc. takes great efforts to ensure that their chickens are comfortable and treated well during the production of Weaver Bros Eggs.  This family run business is a socially responsible company well known in the community.  Many organizations have acknowledged their honorable practices, including the Ohio State Governor and House of Representatives and Senate.

About: Weaver Bros., Inc. has proudly produced Weaver Bros eggs for over four generations in Ohio.  They are leaders in agriculture, environmentally friendly practices, and fair animal treatment in the poultry industry.

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