Texan Roofing Offering New Katy Roof Storm Damage Repair

When a Storm Leaves a Roof Damaged, Homeowners Can Turn to Texan Roofing for Quality Service and Expert Repair Work.

KATY, Texas, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Hail and wind damage can ruin a roof. Lifting the shingles, destroying the protective granules and cracking the base of shingles, these forces of nature make the roof less weather-tight and shorten its lifespan. The most frightening problem is the fact that the damage is not always visible—dents from hail are difficult to see from the ground, and loose shingles may lay flat again until they are ripped away completely in the next storm. The good news is that professional roofers like Texan Roofing can provide area homeowners with free hail and wind inspections to ensure that roofs are watertight and still in good condition.

Free Inspections
The wind picks up a shingle by the edge and starts to loosen it. After the storm, the shingle may lay flat again. From the ground, it appears that the roof is intact. However, it will take very little wind to lift that shingle again and remove it from the structure. If this happens during a heavy rainstorm, the rain will then have time to penetrate through the felt paper and start seeping into the structure.

Hail damage is more easily felt than seen, and that means climbing up on the roof. Some damage, such as dings on roof vents, are easy to see. However, the shingles must be viewed closely to see the dimples and witness the damage to the protective layer of granules. Homeowners who are willing to climb up on their roof and look closely for damage don't always know what they are looking for. However, Texan Roofing offers free inspections, and they know what the signs of wind and hail damage are.

Prompt Action Avoids Long-term Damage
The frustrating thing about wind and hail damage is that the damage to the roof may not show for months or even years. However, the overall life of the roof is still compromised. While hail will not result in roof failure at the next storm, it still shortens the life of the roof and ensures that failure will happen within the next few years. Insurance companies recognize that the damage can be hidden initially, and they see the value in acting promptly to avoid serious damage later. However, homeowners need to have their roofs inspected to determine the extent of the damage.

Insurance Company Liaisons
When Texan Roofing inspects a home, they do more than just look at the roof and make recommendations. They also write reports for insurance companies detailing the damage and what the impact on the home will be. These reports are provided free of charge along with the estimate, and the information can be given to the homeowner's insurance company. Texan Roofing works directly with most insurance companies to file claims so homeowners won't have to go through the paperwork themselves. 

Repairs and Replacements
Loose shingles can be secured again. Whether the roof needs to be replaced or not depends on how many shingles were affected. If the area is small, repairs are generally more cost effective. Hail damage typically leads to a full roof replacement. Hail leaves extensive damage across the entire roof, so most insurance companies will approve a full replacement. Texan Roofing is happy to provide both services to ensure that their customers' homes remain dry and safe from the weather. 

When severe weather moves through the area, it's important to have the roof inspected afterwards to ensure that there is no damage and the structure is still in good condition. Texan Roofing company offers free inspections as well as repair and replacement services. They work directly with insurance companies, and homeowners can turn to them for help when they are concerned about storm damage to the roof. Customers interested in hearing more about Texas Roofing's services may call the company's 24-hour customer support line at (281) 391-9600, or schedule a free inspection and estimate on repairs or replacement online at www.texanroofinginc.com.

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