Texan Roofing Expands Repair Services for Summer Storm Damage

New Services Now Available to Patch Up Roofs After a Houston Summer

KATY, Texas, Aug. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Storms move through the Houston area regularly, and they leave a trail of damage behind them. Roofs are particularly susceptible to damage as they take the brunt of the weather to protect the structure. Texan Roofing appreciates how damaging storms are, and they are now offering special storm damage services for roofs. If a storm has come through and damaged the property or  property nearby, it's wise to call for a roof inspection to ensure that the roof is still intact.

Texan Roofing knows that storms can cause incredible damage, and they also know that residents are already nervous about what their bill for repairs will be. They offer free inspections to make this process more affordable. If the roof is still in good condition, then customers don't have to pay a dime. If the roof needs repairs or replacement, then Texan Roofing will outline the options and write up an accurate cost estimate for the work.

Homeowners can inspect their own roof by viewing it from the ground with binoculars. This is a good way to look for missing shingles, lifted edges, and damaged pieces. Wind can start to loosen shingles. While they may not come off in the initial storm, they will be more likely to blow away the next time the wind picks up. The good news is that missing and loose shingles are relatively easy to replace and secure. Texan Roofing carries a large selection of shingles in stock, so they can usually provide customers with a reasonably accurate color match to blend in with the existing shingles.

Hailstorms are frightening, and the dents left in cars and metal siding are annoying and potentially costly. What people don't realize is that hail also dents roofs. It leaves little depressions in the shingles that damage the structure of the shingle and shorten its life. While the shingles will initially retain their water tightness, their lifespan will be drastically shortened. This damage cannot be seen from the ground, but the experienced technicians at Texan Roofing know what to look for on the roof. They will inspect the structure for hail damage, advise homeowners on the necessary repairs and work with the insurance company. Most roofs that are damaged by hail need to be replaced in full, so homeowners are encouraged to call for a storm damage inspection after every hailstorm.

Don't take chances with the structural integrity of a roof. Damage from storms may be obvious, but there are other times when that damage is more difficult to see. Texan Roofing knows what to look for after a storm, and they provide customers with honest and reliable roof inspections. They can outline what work needs to be done, and they will provide customers with accurate estimates for any suggested work.

Founded in 2005, Texan Roofing is a family owned and operated business. They are headquartered in Katy, TX and are dedicated to helping homeowners improve their properties. Their team services Houston and all the surrounding areas, and they have built a reputation for offering quality work and superior products at reasonable prices. People can call them for work after natural disasters, and they also offer maintenance and regular repairs to keep roofs secure and watertight. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and they are fully licensed and insured. The company stands behind their work with the best warranties available, and they perform quality control inspections on every job to ensure customer satisfaction. Texan Roofing can be reached by phone at 281-391-9600.

Media Contact: Tim Kana, Texan Roofing, 281-391-9600, tim@texanroofinginc.com

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