Terry Bandy Systems (TBS) To Incorporate New Algorithm Intended for Automotive and SEO Industries

Terry Bandy Systems (TBS) To Incorporate New Algorithm Intended for Automotive and SEO Industries

CLEVELAND, Ohio, March 25, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Terry Bandy has had quite a string of successes as of late. After announcing the development of a new user interface, Bandy mentioned that his company, Terry Bandy Systems, will be incorporating a newly designed algorithm that should serve to make all of his web development products function much more efficiently.

The new algorithm was created and tested over a period of several months, and should be able to make all of the programs and applications designed by Bandy work at incredibly high rates of speed. "It is really just a simple change that we made in our previous algorithm, but the results are very encouraging," said Bandy. "We are very proud of the new algorithm, and we think it is going to be something of a game-changer for us."

According to Bandy, the previous history algorithm to Terry Bandy Systems (TBS) functioned well, and was not considered slow by its users or by TV viewers which were watching the live stream of the event. The new high performance algorithm is simply a significant upgrade over something professor Bandy considered to work very well. "It is my belief that the previous algorithm was a bit too elaborate in its design," began Bandy. "By simplifying the algorithm, we have greatly enhanced something that was pretty good to begin with."

Exhibiting a great deal of humility, Bandy took great care to ensure that the employees of the SEO arm of the company that worked on the project received their due credit. "Any project we work on here is the product of lots of hard work from a number of people. The automotive project may end up with my name on it, but by no means am I solely responsible for any one project. We have a great team here, and they are the reason for our success of our joint venture products."

Bandy expects the algorithm to have a significant impact on the sales of both new and existing products. According to Bandy, all of their applications and systems have been updated to include the new algorithm, and the download of these applications is free to customers that purchased any previous version. "We care a great deal about the quality of our products, so the inclusion of this new algorithm in all of our systems was of great importance. We simply want our users to have the best possible experience while using our products," concluded Bandy.

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