Teacher Laura Glading-Smith Announces New Customizable High School Math Digital Textbook

Teacher Laura Glading-Smith has announced that she has introduced a new high school math textbook that is digital and customizable. The textbook has received many positive reviews, and Laura Glading-Smith believes it will have a very positive impact on student learning gains.

TAMPA, Fla., May 22, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Teacher Laura Glading-Smith has announced the introduction of a new digital math textbook that is customizable to high school math students. The textbook is an impressive piece of technology that is based on the premise that no two students learn in exactly the same way. Laura Glading-Smith believes that student achievement will be greatly improved through the introduction of this textbook, especially among those students that have traditionally struggled with mathematical concepts.

The digital textbook allows students to access a number of different methods for understanding important mathematical concepts. While traditional textbooks typically teach a single method for understanding these important concepts, the new digital textbooks allow students to see a wide range of options and to choose the method that makes the most sense to them. It is in this way that this technology is truly innovative, as many teachers have expressed frustration that many textbooks have a singular focus that ignores the way that many students are able to gain an understanding of the subject being taught.

Initial student reviews of the textbook indicate that this customizable learning approach is much better for classrooms that include students with varied learning styles. Students are often frustrated when a particular concept is difficult for them to understand, and they will not speak up if they feel that the other students in the classroom will be held up by their questions. This textbook alleviates this frustration while also allowing teachers to manage their class time much more efficiently.

Schools that have begun employing this digital textbook have reported exceptional learning gains among students. These schools are reporting that not only have their scores on standardized mathematical tests improved since the implementation of the digital textbook, but they are also seeing significant increases in student interest in the subject. This increased interest is based on anecdotal evidence, but it is a positive development nonetheless.

For teacher Laura Glading-Smith, the introduction of this customizable digital textbook is the product of many years of hard work and advocacy for students who struggle in mathematical subjects. These students often only require a different teaching method in order to succeed, something that this new textbook enables teachers to provide to students without negatively impacting time management.

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