T.A. Sciences Shares How a Healthful Diet May Lengthen Telomeres

T.A. Sciences is a consumer health and wellness company dedicated to discovering and creating groundbreaking products through telomerase activation. Based on the science of telomere biology, the company is solely focused on research-based solutions to rejuvenating the aging process on a cellular level.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Targeting telomeres, the protective caps at the end of all chromosomes that are critical to healthy cell function, T.A. Sciences' products activate an enzyme that can slow down and possibly reverse age- and lifestyle-related telomere shortening. Short telomeres can cause mutations and degradations to chromosomes leading to loss of cell functionality. Its inaugural product, TA-65 is the only proven product specifically focused on the telomerase activation market.

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T.A. Sciences is revealing how eating a healthy diet can improve a person's overall quality of life, lengthen telomeres and contribute to anti-cellular aging. It is common knowledge that eating a nutritious and balanced diet contributes to a person's overall health, but now a new study put out by Dr. Dean Ornish has shown how truly beneficial healthy eating can be.

According to Dr. Ornish's study, those who eat a diet that was low in fat, based mostly on plants and consisted of mainly whole foods (as opposed to processed foods), had longer telomeres and were healthier overall. It is important to note that these people's diets were equally as low in refined carbohydrates. There are endless benefits to eating right including having more energy, increased happiness and less health complications.

T.A. Sciences knows that maintaining a healthy, balanced and wholesome diet is the first step in improving a person's overall quality of life.  Maintaining a healthy diet can increase energy levels; aid anti-cellular aging and can even help with lengthening telomeres.

About T.A. Sciences
T.A. Sciences is dedicated to creating and discovering consumer wellness products to rejuvenate the aging process of cells through the use of telomerase activation. By targeting the protective caps at the ends of all chromosomes that are essential to healthy cell function, TA-65 can slow and could possibly reverse lifestyle- and age-related telomere shortening, which is associated with cellular aging. TA-65 is the only proven supplement that specifically targets telomerase activation on the market today.

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