T4 Spa Brings Assembly of Spa Chairs In-House

Houston-Based Spa Company Takes Comfort and Safety to New Levels

HOUSTON, May 31, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Spa owners and managers understand the importance of providing their customers and clients with the complete spa experience. It is not just about helping clients look better through facials, manicures, and pedicures. Instead, clients want to enjoy the entire experience associated with being at the spa when they visit an establishment. One of the key ways for spa owners to deliver on the promise of relaxation and comfort is by surrounding customers with a relaxing environment and by providing them with a comfortable place to sit while receiving their pampering services. T4 Spa is known as a trusted leader in spa furniture and accessories, and the company has been helping spas and salons to create a superior overall experience for many years. It is most well-known for its innovative spa chairs, and it has recently announced new in-house assembly of these chairs for its spa business customers.

What the Chairs OfferThere are several different models of innovative, luxurious T4 Spa chairs available for businesses to purchase today. These are highly attractive pedicure spa chairs for sale, that are designed to enhance the overall look of a spa, and they are available in gorgeous color schemes like Cappuccino, Black, Cappuccino with Espresso, Espresso with Cream, and Cappuccino with Red. They boast advanced massaging features that will leave clients feeling relaxed and at peace, and they also have a matching pedicure stool, an adjustable footrest, pipeless technology, and an LED light. Some of the more advanced models have solid oak armrests and trays coupled with more advanced massaging features. All genuine T4 Spa chairs come with a warranty.

The Benefits of In-House Assembly

When spa and salon customers order an authentic T4 Spa chair from this Houston-based company, they will benefit from on-site assembly from the manufacturer. Some companies have tried to sell imitation chairs that look like these, and some false products may even carry a fake  T4 logo on the chair. In some cases, quality and even safety have been a concern when these imitation products are purchased. Because T4 Spa is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest level of satisfaction, it offers on-site assembly and installation of the chairs. This is a true service to spa and salon owners who in turn want to provide their customers with the best overall experience. When purchasing a chair that is believed to be a T4 chair, spa and salon owners and managers should insist on on-site installation and assembly service to ensure that they are purchasing a legitimate, authentic product.

Making the DecisionSpa and salon owners and managers today understand how important it is to create a luxurious, high-end experience for their clients, and providing customers with the best chair available is critical to achieving this goal. For those who are interested in purchasing a quality chair, it is best to place an order for a T4 chair directly from this Houston-based company. Customers can learn more about the different models available by visiting the company's website, where they can also place an order with the company.

When providing customers with a quality experience is important for a spa or salon business, it is imperative that a legitimate T4 chair is ordered and installed on-site by the authentic manufacturer. Spa and salon owners should visit the website to learn more about the models available today.


T4 Spa Concepts & Designs has over 20 years of experience in the health and beauty industry. The T4 offices are located at 5902 Sovereign Drive in Houston, Texas. The office can be reached by phone at 877-753-7078.

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