T4 Spa Announces Newly Developed Wet Jet Technology for Pedicure Spa Chairs

Houston-Based T4 Spa Continues to Provide Salon Owners With the Highest Quality Pedicure Spa Chairs and Excellent Customer Service

HOUSTON, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- T4 Spa is dedicated to helping salons grow and thrive. Offering the hottest new technology and the best accessories for salons throughout the country, T4 Spa has many products featuring Wet Jet Technology. A safer and more efficient choice for salon pedicure and manicure baths, this technology makes it easier for owners to keep their equipment clean, sanitary and compliant with local health department regulations.

Wet Jet Technology has undergone extensive testing. The systems are all ETL certified and approved for the highest level of hygienic control. Easy to clean and disinfect, the systems are safe for use in all salons. With the ETL mark, customers can be confident that the electrical systems are properly secured and protected for safe use, as seen at http://www.t4spa.com/pedicure-spa-chairs/ 

SaniSmart Encased Propeller 
This magnetic jet produces the powerful stream of water that customers crave without the need for pipes or extra drilling. A simple system that's powered by an enclosed magnet, the jet can be sanitized after every use for safety. Eliminating hidden organic contamination in the bath, salons using the SaniSmart Jet can be confident that they will pass health department inspections.

SaniSmart Liners
Foot baths are notorious for having hidden crevices where germs and bacteria can linger and grow. It's difficult to get the large bath sanitized, but it's easy and efficient with T4 Spa's special liners. Designed to be economical and sanitary, these disposable liners are made from recyclable plastic. An adhesive tab helps them say in place and eliminates the need for technicians to dip their hands into soiled water.

The liners can be disinfected effectively for safety and used several times to reduce expenses. Customers will appreciate the clean liner and knowing that they won't be exposed to dangerous bacteria, and salons will love knowing that they are in good standing with the health department.

Drain and Jet Air Button
Push button switches are used in the SaniSmart system to operate both the jets and the drain. The optional drain pump makes emptying the basin faster, and the switches make the system safer and easier to use.

Temperature Mixer
Some customers like it hot and some like it cold. With the temperature mixer, the perfect level can always be achieved. Easy to use with just one hand, the mixer ensures customer comfort and satisfaction.

Overflow Valve
Even if the tubs aren't overfilled, the customers moving around can sometimes send water around the edges. T4 Spa Wet Jet Technology keeps this in mind. An overflow valve on the pedispa basin captures the excess water to keep it off the floor and ensure the safety of customers and technicians.

Eliminate Backflow
The multifunctional showerhead used by T4 Spa is designed to prevent backflow. Built into the spas, this shower head can be sterilized to protect customers and satisfy the health department. Preventing backflow means that dangerous bacteria will not be able to infiltrate the fresh water lines and spread contamination whenever the spa is used.

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Established in 2006, T4 Spa is a leading Spa Chair company, with over 35 years' worth of experience in the beauty industry. The company is recognized for its innovative designs and popular products. Those interested in purchasing products, or in requesting more information about T4 Spa' s products and services, may call toll free 866-501-1385, or visit the company' s website, www.t4spa.com. T4 Spa Concept & Design Headquarters are located at 5950 Corporate Drive, Houston, TX 77036.

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