Sun Tech Glass Tinting Announces New Window Tinting Options in Katy, TX

Sun Tech Glass Tinting Extends Tinting Services

KATY, Texas, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Summer in Texas can make keeping the house cool a huge challenge. With the sun beating down on the whole landscape, homeowners have to find some way to keep their homes cool without breaking the bank over air conditioning costs. Keeping the radiant heat out of the home with tinted windows keeps the interior cooler, and Sun Tech Glass has recently expanded their tinting services in Katy. This company offers more than simple tinted windows, however. They have a variety of tinting options that will make homes safer and more energy efficient while protecting furniture and interior décor.

Greater Security
Window tinting in Katy TX by itself makes a home more secure, making it more difficult for people to see what is inside. It's harder for criminals to case the property, and that makes it less appealing. However, special security tinting takes it a step further. This tinting features a coating that makes it difficult to break. Adhering to the glass tightly, this tinting prevents broken glass from simply shattering and falling onto the floor. An additional layer that thieves have to get past, the film slows down intruders and can prevent them from gaining entry to the home.

The same tinting that deters criminals also makes the home safer when storms arrive. While the windows may still break under the impact of tree branches and flying debris, the glass will not shatter and fly around the room. It is more likely to hold in place with the security tinting, so family members are less likely to be injured by the broken glass.

Protect Furnishings and Décor
The sun is necessary for life, but it's also a destructive force. UVA and UVB rays that drift in through windows can fade fabrics and even flooring. Sunlight can damage the home's interior, and that becomes expensive as items have to be replaced. Special UVA/UVB coatings stop this destructive pattern. People can finally place their fine area rugs and furniture near a window without worrying about damage from the sun.

Save Money in Several Ways
Reducing the radiant heat coming into the home will help people save money on cooling bills, but the savings doesn't stop there. Reducing the amount of heat coming in also lowers the strain on the air conditioner unit. It won't run as long, and it won't have to work as hard. Repairs are minimized by reducing the strain, and the unit will also last longer. This helps homeowners save money on their appliance expenses as well as the utility costs.

Appearance and Curb Appeal
Windows that are just a little darker are more attractive. They make a house look more sleek and refined while serving an important functional role. Adding to the curb appeal of the property, window tinting in Katy TX can also increase property value.

Sun Tech offers a range of services for homes and businesses. They help customers make their properties more secure and attractive with functional window tinting. Professionally installed for a seamless, smooth finish, window tinting will make any home safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient. Home and business owners throughout the Katy area are encouraged to call Sun Tech to schedule an appointment for window tinting today.

About Sun Tech
Sun Tech is a highly experienced tinting company with an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are an approved Home Advisor contractor maintaining a five-star rating. They offer window tinting to residents and businesses throughout the Houston area, and they are passionate about making homes safer, cooler, and more attractive with professionally installed window tinting. They can be reached at 832-900-7673

Media Contact: Tami Meyer, Sun Tech Glass Tinting, 832-900-7672,

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