Sun Tech Celebrates 30 Years of Window Tinting in Pearland TX

One of the Most Trusted Names in Window Tinting Offers a Wide Selection and Quality Service.

PEARLAND, Texas, Feb. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sun Tech Glass Tinting is proud to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Offering commercial and residential service, they help Texas Homeowners reduce utility bills while making their homes and businesses more comfortable. Carrying a range of products, Sun Tech has spent over three decades Window Tinting Katy TX homes, and are poised to meet the new challenges of the future.

Protection from the Sun

The sun streaming in through a home's windows may look nice, but it is harmful to upholstered furniture, wood floors, and even carpets. Fading colors in textiles and drying wood furniture, damage from regular sun exposure can be seen over time. However, Sun Tech Glass Tinting is highly experienced at installing protective window tinting in any home or business. They have tinted the windows on several office buildings in the area, and they are also highly experienced at tinting residential windows.

Helping Homeowners Save Money

Dedicated to their customers, Sun Tech's valuable services can help homeowners save money. Hüper Optik® film will block 99.9 percent of damaging UV rays and 98 percent of infrared heat. Preventing the heat from entering the home through the windows makes it easier to cool the house when the Texas summers bring stifling heat. The savings is beneficial for private homeowners and business alike.

Theft Deterrent

One of the benefits of window tinting from Sun Tech is that it also serves as a theft deterrent. Criminals are looking for an easy score, and they will look through windows to see what valuables are stored inside. With tinted windows, it can be harder for them to see what's inside the home or private business.

The window tinting also makes it harder for criminals to break the glass. This is particularly important for windows positioned near doors where they could reach through and unlock the deadbolt. While the window can still be cracked, the tinting makes it much more difficult to actually shatter and break. The glass is held in place, and the criminals are kept out.

Safety with Sun Tech

A provider of window tinting for three decades, Sun Tech also understands that the right tinting makes every family safer. The same tinting that prevents criminals from shattering windows also helps keep them intact if a child sends a ball through the window. With the shards and broken pieces held in place, homeowners won't have to worry about a child injuring themselves on broken shards.

The window tinting also helps windows remain intact when storms blow through the area. Debris that is thrown around in the storm is less likely to break through tinted windows. This helps protect the interior of the home when severe storms move through.

Experience and Quality Installations

When considering whether to invest in window tinting, homeowners should choose a company with a high level of experience. Experienced window tinters create a smooth finish that is free of bubbles, nicks or streaks. Sun Tech offers accurate estimates for their professional services.


Better Business Bureau members with an "A" rating, Sun Tech is dedicated to their customers and offers only the highest quality window tints. Those interested in finding out more about Sun Tech's products or services may call 832-900-7672, or visit the company's website,

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