Sukamto Sia Announces Interest in Doing Business Across the Sea

Sukamto Sia explains how doing business across the sea is helpful to his success in the marketplace.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sukamto Sia wishes to announce his interest in continuing to do business around the world. He is a self-made businessman who owns and operates his own successful business in Singapore. He has worked hard and dedicated many years toward the success of his business. Sukarman Sukamto is proud of what he has been able to accomplish in his career, which began when he was a young adult. At an early age, Sukamto Sia became inspired to enter the world of business and knew that he would need to work hard in order to make a big splash as a professional.


When Sukarman Sukamto entered the business world, he quickly began to learn the importance of the global market. At the majority of the companies that he worked for, he saw how important it was for them to do business not just in Singapore, but around the world. Since it was always Sukamto Sia's intention to start his own company, he studied how these companies interacted with the global market. He learned what they did in order to work efficiently and effectively with companies across the sea.

Sukarman Sukamto began to study the various cultures of the world. He learned about the way that people lived in other countries. He also learned what was important to them. Sukamto Sia felt that learning these things was the foundation of a true understanding of how these countries did business. Sukarman Sukamto quickly learned that these efforts paid off. He was able to do business with companies around the world much more effectively than those who did not take the time to learn the intricacies of cultural relations.

These efforts to understand the world around him are what led Sukamto Sia to a great deal of success for each company that employed him. One thing he also learned early on was that companies that did not place importance on working within the global market, while not unsuccessful, saw success at a much lower rate. Sukarman Sukamto took this information to heart and vowed that when he began his own business, he would make sure to work within the global market as much as possible, while still supporting Singapore.

Now that Sukamto Sia owns and manages his own company, he makes sure that it is fully entrenched in the global market. He makes sure that he does his research and not only understands what makes each culture unique, but which areas of the globe are the best for doing business. Recently, Sukarman Sukamto has learned that Canada was ranked as the number one country to do business with in the world. Sukamto Sia says, "Through the hardships currently faced by today's global economy, Canada has actually managed to stay ahead of the crowd, economically speaking. The economy in Canada is worth 1.6 trillion dollars and places ninth overall in all of the economies of the world. A country like Canada is the wisest to do business with, primarily because of its relative success in the global market."

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