Subprime Small Business Loans Soars to New Heights

As subprime business loans become more lucrative, the market experiences an unprecedented surge in small business loans.

SEATTLE, Feb. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- What was once considered off-limits is now a much-desired investment vehicle. Subprime small business loans, once considered risky and questionable, have recently become the darling of investors and lenders alike. Despite the inherent risks associated with subprime loans, they are lucrative cash cows for savvy investors who time their entry and exit strategies strategically, often reaping a lucrative reward in the interim.

In its piece "New Boom in Subprime Loans, for Smaller Businesses", The New York Times provides an aerial view of compelling reasons that explain this sudden market boom in subprime business lending, much against all odds and well-known risks. The piece explains that a near 8.75 percent annual interest rate may be one of the factors catalyzing the strong market demand for loans that just a few years back were considered "too risky" for investment. In fact, in its very opening the newspaper starts with a story about a small, relatively unknown, company in Missouri was able to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars from two of the biggest names in Wall Street finance.

Although newsmakers shed light on this obscure category of loans relatively recently, subprime small business loans have been the darling of financial markets for a very long time. Perhaps the ROI on these loans that often rival, and in some instances outperform, prudent investment vehicles may be one of the key factors.

"This no secret," says Craig Stewart, founder of "In fact, investor demand for subprime small business loans is so strong, investors often compete with each other to grab a small piece of the pie. Apart from returns, businesses are generally less likely to default as compared to individuals. They have a lot more at stake. Past personal credit issues should not derail legitimate business lending".

Stewart's company, AAA Payday loan has been capitalizing on the business subprime lending market for a very long time. With savvy lenders, well-timed investors, and a passionate customer service team, Craig has been instrumental in facilitating the business loan application and approval process for a very long time, fifteen years to be precise.

"When customers come to us seeking a small business loan they often express concern about prior credit issues as a stumbling block. It is only after we educate them about the subprime lender market do they realize that there are plenty of options. Our company regularly works with various lenders who specialize in serving this unsophisticated niche of applicants," adds Stewart. is a specialty marketplace that helps lenders and borrowers connect with each other. The site allows borrowers to request a free online business loan quote and receive a quick response and quote from various lenders. The application process is extremely streamlined and can be accomplished within minutes. Funds are swift to arrive and are generally deposited within hours.

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