Study Confirms Willard Water® Significantly Increases The Ability Of Living Cells To Absorb & Utlize Antioxidants!

RAPID CITY, S.D., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- CAW Industries, Inc., parent company and manufacturer of Willard Water® and all Dr. Willard's brand products, today announced the results of its sponsored study, "Testing of Dr. Willard's Water for antioxidant capacity and cellular uptake of selected nutrients." The study, conducted by NIS Labs in Klamath Falls, OR, conclusively confirmed that Willard Water® helps cells to better absorb and utilize a number of vital antioxidant solutions.


The study's objective was to determine the relative cellular absorption capacity of various antioxidant solutions when paired with the Willard Water® CLEAR.  Specifically, the study sought to measure whether adding the Willard Water® CLEAR increased absorption rates for six key ingredients/solutions (Gallic Acid, Vitamin B2, Green Tea, Turmeric, Tocotrienol, Trolox).  These compounds were strategically chosen as the ingredients represent varying levels of absorption difficulties with typical cellular absorption timeframes.  The testing was performed using the CAP-e cellular antioxidant protection assay, specially developed by NIS Labs to help examine cellular uptake involving complex natural products 

This study examined the effects of the CLEAR product, rather than the Dark or ULTIMATE products, because it does not contain trace minerals and therefore the study results would quantify a direct connection to the unique catalyst developed by Dr. John Willard Sr. which is the primary component of all Dr. Willard's® products.

The study showed that Willard Water® significantly increased absorption rates in five of the six antioxidant-rich test ingredients.  The exception was vitamin B2, which has very low solubility in water.  When vitamin B2 was introduced to living cells in the presence of Willard Water® an improved cellular uptake and antioxidant protection was seen, but some other complications existed within the framework of the study that warrants further B2 testing before final conclusions can be made. The study also found that Willard Water®'s ability to facilitate the absorption of antioxidants was more apparent in solutions that are typically difficult to absorb.   For example, tocotrienol and many compounds in turmeric are typically very difficult to introduce to living cells in such experimental models, but when paired with Willard Water© cellular absorption rates increased.

"I'm very pleased to see this study continues a long line of evidence validating the remarkable affect Willard Water® has on cellular absorption rates," said CAW President John Willard III.  "Nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that are ingested but not fully absorbed are of no nutritional value and scientists have only recently begun to fully understand the importance of maximizing bioavailability in our bodies.  Studies like this show that Willard Water® can play a key role in expanding bioavailability and ensuring that our bodies derive the maximum benefits of the food we eat and the supplements we take." 

The tests also determined that Willard Water® is not behaving as an independent free radical scavenger as was previously believed but, rather, it's causing the cells to better absorb and utilize antioxidant solutions thus increasing those solutions overall effectiveness. 

NIS Labs' report on the study can be viewed here

Willard Water® was invented by Dr. John W. Willard Sr., a chemistry professor who received his PhD from Purdue University and worked on the United States' atomic and plutonium bomb development teams.  Willard had been seeking to develop a high density trace mineral water derived from fossilized organics in lignite when he "serendipitously" invented Willard Water®.  Created through a multi-faceted and patented process, Willard Water® alters the molecular structure of regular water, causing it to become more reactive and thus a more efficient delivery system throughout the body.  Willard Water® also helps the body break down particles (food, nutrients, vitamins and toxins) in the digestive system which makes it easier for the body to process these particles, remove toxins, and more fully absorb the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are consumed. 

About CAW Industries, Inc.
Founded by Dr. John W. Willard Sr. in 1973, CAW Industries is the only manufacturer of Dr. Willard's patented Willard Water® products.  For nearly 40 years CAW Industries has been an industry leader in the natural health industry and is one of the most trusted brands around the world.  Thanks to a ground breaking 60 Minutes story and an exhaustive hearing before the United States Congress, Willard Water® helped pave the way for the expansion and development of the U.S. natural products industry and the eventual passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.  Dr. Willard's sons and grandchildren have continued his tradition of excellence and have expanded the small South Dakota Company he created into an international corporation with sales around the globe.

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