Solegasm Sock Company socks are a walk of art, Saving the Bees and the Soles of feet worldwide

Solegasm sock company is to launch their new line of uniquely designed socks and apparel.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Solegasm socks is an accessory and apparel company. They are to launch their new line of uniquely designed socks and apparel. Their visionary designs are different from any other sock brand. They offer an an unparalleled style that expresses the individuality of their customers. Solegasm sock company uses the best fabric and materials for a lasting quality. All socks patterns are knitted unlike most brands that just print the patterns onto the sock.. The colors and lines pop out as they are multidimensional. The socks give a look that is very captivating.  The intricate designs are so appealing to the eye it's no wonder they are a newly  popular company. Each design is a work of art and since worn on the feet they make it a walk of Art. They can be worn with casual or upscale attire. They can be worn as a pair or mismatched for a fun creative look. They collaborate with some of the best artist. They are revolutionising a new style in footwear. They look great with any style of shoe.They have so much to offer their customers. The kind of quality and comfort each pair provides is exactly what customers deserve when purchasing a pair of socks. They want total satisfaction of their customers and have created a product to reach those standards. The name Solegasm says it all as they are so comfortable to wear and have a soothing effect with every step. Solegasm sock company is a consciously run company giving a quality product at affordable prices. They truly care about their customers. They also started a non-profit foundation called gumbeefied that is dedicated to Helping the bee population thrive and survive. They give part of the proceeds to saving the bees. Socks are a necessity and important and so are the bees. They plan to build a bee conservatory. Since bees are being put in danger by man made chemicals and pollutants. Solegasm started a funding to help counteract the harm that is affecting the bee population. Each purchase directly helps to support and rebuild the bee population which is vital for planet earth's eco system. They are the master pollinators and humans cannot afford their extinction. .Solegasm is bringing awareness through their organization and more people are waking up to to the possibilities and solutions to saving the bees. They are becoming more concerned about the devastating effects a decline in bee populations could have. When purchasing a pair , you not only invest in ultimate comfort for your feet you also invest in the future of mankind on the planet earth. It all makes it worth every penny. Solegasm will remain active in saving the bees by continuing to invest a portion of the proceeds of sales to do so. The goal is to raise a worldwide awareness about the importance of the bee population and keep them from harm and dangers. Solegasm socks put their heart and soul into the well being of their customers and saving the bees. They are an admirable and noble company to support. So if anyone wants to wear a cool comfortable pair of socks and save the bees , Solegasm Sock is the one true brand to shop at. Customers can go to their online store. They are building up on a solid foundation with all the right intentions and apparel.Customers cant get enough of their designs as they can't be found anywhere else . Solegasm is an original company with a lasting affect on its customers as they bring out the Sole individuality with each pair. Solegasm sock company gives a positive experience through socks. They are making a difference in the world each pair at a time! Go to and start shopping now for your unique comforting  pleasure.

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