"Society: Progress and Force (Criteria and First Principles)" by Dr. Alex Battler Brings a Philosophical Brainstorm to the Social and Natural Sciences

Canadian-Russian scholar and political writer Dr. Alex Battler formulates the Criteria of Progress based on entirely different scientific paradigms

NEW YORK, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Dr. Alex Battler's book "Society: Progress and Force (Criteria and First Principles)," just released in a new edition and translation from CreateSpace, spans a wide field of social thought: philosophy, political science, sociology, demography and even psychology. Uniting these disciplines, the book presents a significant and unique approach. Battler, engaging in polemical and even stinging critiques of all prominent thinkers, has dared to formulate the two Principles of Social Development, which are akin to the first and second laws of thermodynamics. The author's innovative definition of Progress is based on the universal criterion of thelife delta of mankind. Battler eschews the middle ground in social studies, an area that many have grown to appreciate and in which many believe they are experts.

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Russian-born Dr. Alex Battler – professor of political science, economics and international relations, and widely known under the pen name Oleg Arin – is a Marxist Canadian scholar and political writer whose interests encompass a wide range of social and natural sciences disciplinees. Battler is the author of a number of laws and regularities in the areas of philosophy, sociology and the theory of international relations. The most important among them is a new ontological interpretation of the category of Force presented in the monograph "Dialectics of Force." The category of Ontological Force has allowed him to develop a new definition of the concept of Progress in his monograph "Society: Progress and Force (Criteria and First Principles)." In his monograph "The 21st Century: The World without Russia," Battler formulated laws in geoeconomics and in geostrategy – the law of poles and the law of center of power, respectively. He also introduced the concept of the foreign policy potential of a nation-state and a methodology for computing it, as well as the optimal expenditure ratios for that policy.

Regarding  the new edition of "Society: Progress and Force (Criteria and First Principles)," Battler says, "This book encompasses different branches of knowledge. It is not because I am a big fan of all these 'logies'; it is just that the problems of Force and Progress in society stand at the juncture of the sciences mentioned. Without addressing them, it would not have been possible to formulate the fundamental laws of Force and Progress that are the First and Second Principles of Social Development. These principles are as integral to society as the first and second laws of thermodynamics are fundamental to the Universe."

Battler continues, "Staying out of any given scientific paradigms – their methods and ideologies – that occur in colleges or universities, I conduct my research on an independent basis and follow the methodology of dialectic and historical materialism, but I never reject other methods if they help me to elucidate the problem. In my book, I proceed in my usual method of analysis, providing a historical overview of philosophers on the subject so that the reader can understand the complexity of this problem. I want to say right away: my approach is cardinally different from that of all my predecessors since my understanding of the nature of being is distinct from theirs. This enables me to take a different approach to the category of Force in Nature, imparting to it the same attributes possessed by the categories of Motion, Time, Space and Matter. One of the consequences of this innovation is that my definition of Progress is based on the universal criterion, thelife delta of mankind. In this regard, however, the question frequently arises: why should progress generally be defined at all? In order to survive!"

"Society: Progress and Force (Criteria and First Principles)" is published by CreateSpace and is available now from Amazon.com.

Direct purchase link: http://www.amazon.com/SOCIETY-Progress-Force-Criteria-Principles/dp/1480008257

For more information, please visit Dr. Alex Battler's official website:

http://www.alexbattler.com/Society_ Progress and Force_Cover.pdf

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