Slotz: New Innovative iPhone 4/5/5s Cases with built in Memory Launches Kickstarter Campaign Raising Funds to start PRODUCTION

available in 4gb/ 8gb & 64gb

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New Innovative Slots Iphone Cases With a Flashdrive to Create Buzz Over Iphone Users

iPhone users are continually increasing over the years. And in order to further satisfy them, Slotz is made available to the public. This is a collection of excellent and attractive innovative iPhone cases that contain a flash drive. This excellent product is now becoming more and more popular to people due to its features. It has created a buzz over iPhone users for they like the new offer of being able to protect their iPhones with durable and quality case and at the same time enjoy the use of a flash drive, all in one product!

Slotz, being not just an iPhone case but as a flash drive as well, will enable users to keep their essential files in a digital format. Slotz will always be handy in times that users will need to save or use files. The flash drive is readily available whenever and wherever the user will need it for saving, scanning, or using files. Now that this innovative product is made available to the public, iPhone users will be immensely benefited.

Slotz features an ultra thin design equipped with excellent and superior protection that ensure the case is definitely lightweight, very easy to use and carry, and offers maximum safety from wear-and-tear. Moreover, the inner part of the case contains a protective sticker that can make the iPhone scratch-resistant. When it comes to color choices, Slotz can also offer further customer satisfaction for it comes with a wide variety of colors, enabling everyone to pick their favorite color.

Whether for business professionals or for social people, Slots can be very useful and beneficial. Everyone needs to store valuable data, images, videos, and music, which can be achieved with the use of a flash drive. What's not to love with this new innovative product that can offer both phone protection as well as digital storage of files? Everything is to love for it is bound to offer customer satisfaction in all areas and perspectives. This product is not just intended to business people but for everyone. With the use of Slotz, lost flash drives will be minimal as a case, for it is always secured and protected in the phone case. This is the reason why a lot of people are looking forward to having this excellent product. It is indeed a great treat for oneself. Another great thing about Slotz is that it is available in many color combinations.

People do not have to worry about stretching their budget for this excellent product is being offered with a reasonable price. Buyers do not have to worry about not getting the value out of their money and out of their purchase for this product is bound to offer user satisfaction. Whether it is for an iPhone case or for a flash drive, Slotz has a lot to offer. It is equipped with features that can offer convenience, efficiency, and reliability.

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