Size Matters: Working with Your Plastic Surgeon To Determine Your Best Breast Size

DALLAS, Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A recent survey of 50,000 American females found 70 percent of respondents desired more ample or rounder breasts, and because of this thousands of women pursue breast augmentation procedures each year to improve their body image, enhance their figure and achieve their ideal chest size.

"As a female plastic surgeon I understand all too well how self-conscious, and insecure women can be concerning their breasts and how important their beauty and symmetry are so I really listen to my patients wishes," said Dallas Plastic Surgeon Diane Gibby, M.D., Medical Director of the Women's Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Once a woman decides on breast augmentation the next decision is often what size implant to use.  This is a very important and personal choice and should be considered carefully.

Studies show that the majority of women who have undergone breast augmentation are extremely pleased with the results. If there is a complaint, it is usually related to their choice of breast implant size. In fact, the leading cause of subsequent surgeries is to modify the size of the implant.   

Deciding on the right breast size is something that Dr. Gibby spends a lot of time on with her patients. She stresses that the most crucial concept that women understand is that there really is no perfect breast size!  Generally there is a range that will look good for any given woman and while cup size is something that needs to be discussed, it is really quite vague.

Years of experience has garnered Dr. Gibby the knowledge that there are personal factors that need to be considered when choosing a breast implant size as well as some dependable methods that surgeons use to help with the decision:

  • Your lifestyle. If you are actively involved in sports, yoga, or other physical activities, the size and weight of larger implants may be a hindrance.
  • How natural? A natural breast has a particular slope and proportion that fits your body. Many women prefer this natural look to make their implants less obvious. Other women want a more dramatic look.
  • Risk of complications. The larger your implant size, the more vulnerable you will be to certain breast implant complications.

After these lifestyle factors have been reflected upon there is several methods that can help a woman determine which size implant is the best suited for her physically and emotionally:

  • While using photos and digital imaging to help patients choose their breast implant size can be helpful, for many women their "impression" can be just as important as the "look". To truly address the issue of breast implant size, surgeons must try to help a woman choose her new breast size based upon experience as well as photos and visualization.
  • Individual anatomy must be the foundation for the implant choice. Body shape, weight, height, and size of breasts prior to augmentation, amount of excess skin and sagging, and the desired breast size should all be considered when deciding on implant size.
  • It's what you start what you add, superimposed upon the shape of your own body that determines your final results.  The same size implant may look completely different on another person.
  • Dimensional planning -The measurements of the chest wall is taken as well as the breast dimensions including the height, width, and current dimensions of each breast can be extremely useful when choosing an implant size.

"Breast augmentation surgery is a very popular and effective way to safely increase the size of your breasts and change their contour.   I feel strongly that within reason there is not a 'right' ' or 'wrong' size for a woman's breasts. Some women like small breasts, others medium others extremely large," said Dr. Gibby. "I allow patients to feel comfortable, relaxed and talk freely about their concerns over their appearance without fear or embarrassment."

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