Sherwood Ford provides Ford drivers with helpful information on why their check-engine light may be illuminated

Edmonton area dealership has provided drivers in the area with helpful information as to why the check-engine light may be on in their Ford vehicle

SHERWOOD PARK, Alberta, Dec. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- There are many possible reasons why the check-engine light in a vehicle may illuminate, and Sherwood Ford is providing drivers with information on what could be causing the light to turn on. Bringing a vehicle to a repair shop could lead to costly and unnecessary repairs when a simple loose fuel cap could be the culprit. 

Among the reasons listed by Sherwood Ford, checking the vehicle's fuel cap is the first thing drivers should do if their check-engine light comes on. Often times when a gas cap isn't tightened properly, a sensor sends information to the vehicle's computer system telling it to alert the driver. This is one of the most common reasons the check-engine light comes on and it is also the easiest to fix. 

Another reason the dealership lists as to why a check-engine light may turn on is an engine that is low on oil. While engine oil typically has its own designated light, it's always best to check the vehicle's oil level if the gas cap wasn't the source of the problem. Driving with low oil is extremely detrimental to engines and is one of the main causes of engine failure. 

Those interested in learning more about why the check-engine light may be illuminated in their Ford car, truck or sport utility vehicle are encouraged to visit the research page provided by Sherwood Ford. The page can be found on the dealership's blog which is located on its website, Drivers may also bring their Ford vehicles into Sherwood Ford to have the dealership's highly-trained and certified technicians use the latest in diagnostic technology to find the root cause of the check-engine light. Additional questions or concerns may be directed to the dealership either over the phone at (780) 417-2985, or in person at 2540 Broadmoor Boulevard in Sherwood Park.

Media Contact: Kurtis Hicks, Sherwood Ford, (780) 417-2985,

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